Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If you think the title and picture of this post is familiar, that is if you have been visiting my blog for about a year, then you are right. It's a woohoo time for me again.

I got my CT1 (or Christian Theology 1) papers back this morning. SH must have brought them in last night, but I was already asleep. I got an A minus! But an A is an A! I thought I did just okay, but Sherman thought it was excellent and thus getting an A is a bonus. Thanks Sherman! It was hard work getting to as much information, books and articles on Origen as I possibly can, but it was quite fun reading, collating and writing. I went to the extent of looking for help through, which came through in a big way. Rev Bryan Wyke scanned and emailed me several pages from Trigg's book on Origen, which contributed to my paper. I thank God for you Bryan!

Picture by Yi-Chen Lin


  1. wow. That's a big Woohoo. Well done.

  2. Well done indeed....

    BTW, is this a hint hint for the anticipated grade for the Biblical Interpretation and Mark papers due soon?

  3. Thanks! Not so big lar the Woohoo :) hehe

    Kar Yong, aiyuh ... I am still working on the BI theological integration and cracking my head on how to approach it (it is all over the place!), let alone think of the grade! Have not touch the exegetical paper nor anything on Mark. Have to kah yow already.

  4. I notice u get most of ur theological studies As. U r a family person looking after husband and a son+ working long hours + working like a full time ministry in church on the weekends + study like a full time theological student and get all the papers As. WHat's the secret, huh ? What does it take to be an A students? Shud get u to do some talk on this to seminary student la!! What u eat huh?? drink lots of coffee?? read smartly, know what the lecturers wants and expectations, work hard, read lots and lots of books, able to express well in English, High proficiency of English, able to use high theological terms.....??????? Please please....I really want to be As student, but I work so hard, the most I got so far was ..oyah..A- but only for one paper. The rests were B+ or B- or C+!!

  5. Chee Keat,
    Oh dear ... haha, don't know how to answer you lar ... I also got B ler for 2 of my OT papers.

    I suppose I try to understand the questions and figure out what is really required. I remember googling for what is required in an exegetical paper, when I was dong Ephesians, and applied what I learnt.

    I hunt for materials, materials and more materials. I got chided once for an over extensive bibliography. I shan't say I have used them all, but I studied some, read some, scanned some to get the drift of the writers and see if they can be used in the papers, which is why I included them all in the biblio.

    And I suppose I make use of the months given to think and muse over the questions in my head, sometimes doing drafts after drafts after drafts, until I am happy with the final product.

    One tip I got from my research on doing assignments is to have the paper interesting to read, so it has to have a good flow, good style to keep the reader's attention. Sometimes, the facts are there but if the writing is monotonous, the facts tend to disappear in the read. I had an article on this but I think I have lost it when my PC bungled.

    And one of the most difficult tricks is to write as much as you can with as little words as possible. That to me is still a challenge. I am always looking for single words that carry the world of a meaning, but these are hard to come by.

    Not much, but I hope this helps. This is all I can think of at the moment. Did you ask any of the lecturers? I mean they give the As and the Cs and so they know what they look for.

  6. WOW is right. I'm so pleased and happy for and with you.

  7. Chee Keat,

    Hint hint - i like me some and I shall give you more hints to do well in your paper....


  8. Thanks Susan!
    Thanks Milly!

  9. tips !! Looks like it's not only have to get the facts right but need to learn to dress up the articles to be more interesting. WOw, thatz real hard work!! Anyway, at least I know how far I am from the As students..thanks for your open sharing too:)

  10. You are welcome, Chee Keat :) Wish you all the best!