Saturday, October 27, 2007

All done and submitted

I have just emailed out all 4 Biblical Interpretation assignments out a moment ago and as I click the SEND button, I cringed. I suppose I am just too much of a perfectionist for my own good. I keep reviewing them until I tell myself to stop. Enough is enough. There are better things to do!

Picture by Martin Walls


  1. well done. You need a rest. May I suggest a good book?

  2. Enough is enough. There are better things to do!

    Amen!! :-)

  3. Congratulations! (Now stop second guessing - It's done!)


  4. Thanks Alex. Anyway I have just picked up two books to read: Carson's survey of NT commentaries and McGrath's Dawkins' Delusion, in the midst of ALL the 7 songs I have to memorise in time for Grace Notes' appearance in Penang 2 weeks from now - very susah lar to memorise - old dy.

  5. Thanks Paul. My "better things" turned out to be quite fun - I had a good time creating a site for our choral group - here.

  6. Thanks Missy! Yea I know but I keep doing it!

  7. Thanks Chee Keat. Finally? I have 4 more lar for Interpreting NT! hahahahahaha ... so i might as well just laugh and go for it!

  8. Hi Pearlie,

    Well done...Dont cringe....Or, is this a hint hint too??

    I have not read your papers yet (got loads of them to mark), but I am very sure they are very well done.

    Looking forward to your Mark's papers in...err...err...not 4 months, I hope!

  9. Hi Kar Yong,
    No hints lar ... seriously I did cringe as I sent them out. I always think I could have done better, or could I have taken the wrong approach, or could I have seen it wrong. Sigh... there is too many things to worry about.

    And I am struggling with the Mark papers!!!! Mainly on time - not enough!!!