Bach, Bach, Bach and err... Bach

Monday, October 29, 2007

I was taking a rest from all the hard word by scouring the web. I was searching for something on J.S. Bach and found this. Thought it was priceless! Then it dawned upon me that I only have 3 weeks to complete 1 assignment and 3 tests on the Gospel of Mark. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I really thought I had 2 months. I wish I could replicate myself into 4 like this Bach guy. Oh bother!

Anyway, as I listen to more of him, it gets better and better. It is amazing how he could keep the same timing and pitch. Precious!

Here's more.


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7 comment(s)

  1. goodness, how many courses are you taking? You have so many assignments.

  2. Cute- he reminds me of one of Edward's friends.

  3. Alex,
    I wanted to be more hardworking this year, so I can complete my master faster ;)
    I hadn't plan to take Interpreting NT/Gospel of Mark but it just happened. I plan to continue this to the next year God willing.

  4. then go for it. girl. I am behind you all the way.

  5. Hi Pearlie,

    4 months? Is this a hint hint??