Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exegetical Preaching Seminar Day 2

Carson spoke on (1) Preaching and Biblical Theology and (2) Preaching and Systematic Theology yesterday. For today he did (3) Preaching and Historical Theology and (4) Preaching and Pastoral Theology.

That is a lot to take in and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all that I am not yet able to make a summary with my thoughts here in the blog, which I would normally have done. But do it I must, at least to concretize my thoughts, through rethinking and revising.

Soon, I'll do it soon.

Oh, by the way ... I am pleased to say that I ONLY bought one book during the seminar, and got it autographed too.



  1. I too bought one book at the Carson conference in Singapore but I got him to autograph 12 of his books. Hehe...

  2. Kiasu lar you ;) I have almost all his books oso I dare not bring lar ... So what new book did you get?