Friday, October 19, 2007

Over the Rainbow

It has been a very tiring week spent burying my head in MS Excel sheets with 6000 lines and 700 columns, full of figures and formulas and a 50-page report. My colleagues also had the problem with me writing in the historical present! It was a long week, and I am glad the project is almost over.

Meanwhile, other than Paul Potts's One Chance, I have also been mesmerised with the other CD I purchased over the weekend: Celtic Woman, A New Journey. I especially love this accapella version of Over the Rainbow.



  1. One of my absolute favorite songs, and I love the Irish songs from these girls whenever I hear them. Putting the two together was a good thing. :-)

  2. Yeah, if only I were there in the Irish castle to see them in person.

  3. I loved this version ... but still like the original better ... I am asking people at my place to weigh in on which one they like the best.