Saturday, October 13, 2007

Making the switch

You do see I am trying to make a switch from the Classic Blogger to the new one but having problems.


Update: I am finally happy ... took me many hours, but I got it done and it was quite fun as well.


  1. Hi Pearlie,

    You DO have some very cool stuff...makes me wanna gasak them from you....

  2. :) but I still couldn't get the Anobii library widget to work properly or the comments to list out names of those who have commented.

  3. I have been on the new blogger about a year now.. I converted on the bleeding edge. Give me a buzz any time you need a bit of help.

  4. Pearlie- Your blog is a happening place! I can't remember the word to describe you - kiasu?
    Anyway, mine's about ready to bite the dust. I hope not though.
    Did you lose anything when you switched besides the comment names & library thingy?

  5. Bob,
    "bleeding edge" - I learnt something new!!! haha

    So far, I have been doing it trial and error style. Thanks for your offer - if you look at my test site, you will see how the library thingy turned out wrong. I got the widget from Anobii.

    About the listing of names when someone comments - it is very helpful to see the progress of replies. Most of the time we cannot remember how many comments there were in the many posts and blogs where we last visited to decide whether to spend the time to click and check. Blogger has the code for listing of commenters name for the old template. No one has developed it for the new one yet and so I am making do with the "Recent Comments" widget. The reason that made me switch was that there is just too many cool stuff out there I can't use with the old templates :)

  6. Julia,
    Thanks :)
    But I wish I never taught you that word! hahaha

    I tried it out by creating a test site. I wanted to retain the look and with my past experience with the new Blogger, I did not do it cold turkey. I spent some time googling for how-to's. My first target was to find out how to upload the blog header amidst the limitations in the Layout Page Element. If you are interested, I can point you to the right places.

    I got the code for the library thingy widget but it just did not come out clean in the blog, as you can see in the test site.

    Like what I said to Bob, the comment thingy is just too bad.

  7. Ah yes, Bob,
    Would you know how I can centralise my email and view my profile?


  8. Sorry Pearlie, I am not understanding your questions about email and profile.