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One dream, 2 books and 3 journeys

I had a really comical dream last night, or rather, this morning to be more accurate. I dreamt that I received results for a TEE assignment, which happened to be an OT paper, not that I did any for the past 2 years. On the cover of the assignment, it was marked E with an M in parentheses. In my dream, I felt panicky. Oh no! I got an E , a marginal pass! But wait - maybe it stands for Exceeds Expectations! (For those more initiated in the Harry Potter series would remember the priceless gradings of exams - O utstanding, E xceeds Expectations, A cceptable, P oor, D readful and T roll.) But as I leafed through the paper, I got really bad comments but they were ridiculous ones, bordering on insane. I woke up feeling so amused! Anyway, I don't think there are any E grades in STM's TEE. Then I decided, unwisely , to drop into SUFES, on the pretext of taking a look at Anthony Thiselton's 1 Corinthians in the NIGTC series. I saw it, pulled it out and pushed it back in. The pri

KLVV / 1 Cor 7:1-8

Christmas is around the corner! I am very happy and joyful now as I have been logged on to KLVV Praise 88.7 where Christmas songs and carols will be on 24/7 till Christmas. " Angels from the realms of glory ... Come and worship Christ our Saviour! " Click on the image above to get connected yourself and fill your airwaves with the good news of Christmas! Since it is the school holidays now, I thought I'd drop into my old church this evening to attend Rev Ling Shiang Ming's bible study on 1 Corinthians as I have not been to any of his sermons or teaching since he started pastoring the church this year. It is a good thing but of all chapters in 1 Corinthians, I got chapter 7, verse 1 to 8. It was an interesting session. I made several discoveries and I now have 2 more questions to mull over: Verse 1 in Greek reads: περι δε ων εγραψατε and about which you wrote καλον ανθρωπω γυναικος μη απτεσθαι good (for) a man (and) a woman not to touch The translations render t

Basal significance of time? ... Wha ...

Kar Yong has reminded me about the genitive of time . I told him I have a faint memory of it either having discussed over it during bible study some years back or more likely during Greek class back in 2004, because had it been during the bible study, I would have remembered it quite well since the bible study I attended previously was serious business and at times we'd have it run pass 11.00pm! I have just given myself a revision as to what genitive of time is, in Daniel B. Wallace's Greek Beyond the Basics (Zondervan, 1996, p.122-124). According to Wallace, "the genitive substantive indicates the kind of time, or time within which the word to which it stands related takes place." It is to "relate the genitive back to its basal significance," - of quality, attribute, description, or kind . In the next 3 chapters, he basically repeats what he just said. I have no idea why he did that. Let me try to understand this: John 3:2 reads, 'this man ca

A conversation ... by BK

BK has an excellent post on an account with his "neighbour" during Sunday service. Reading it, I felt as if I was just standing next to him. Thanks BK! I sat next to a guy at evening service today. He was a little scruffy-looking, with a haircut not dissimilar to Nicholas Cage in Con Air. Actually, I thought he looked uncannily like someone (in?)famous, but I still can't figure out who. He looked fairly intimidating, not the kind of guy you want to play roughhouse with. It was a little surprising, then, when we both stood up at the end of the service, to find out that I was actually taller! The service started with a reflection on Scripture,and I noticed that he didn't have a Bible and offered to share mine with him. He nodded politely at me and said he was fine without one. As the music struck up, I then noticed that he didn't have a service sheet. (We're old school, no OHP projectors!) So again, I offered to share. He mumbled something and declined again.

Bookamania # x + 2½

I have not been to check CBD for quite awhile and now that I did, I have a long list in my shopping cart. I have not decided to get them yet since shipping rates would be quite a sum, but these are really good prices for books. If only they were in Ringgit Malaysia though. pearlie

Study on the Gospel of John: Day 3

Today's sermon is based on Matthew 16:13-22 by Mr Louis Ratnam of Wycliffe Malaysia, who has made me see things in new ways with regards to bible translation, mission and Scriptures. I have never thought much of v.18: on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it . I never quite saw it in light of mission - where the church is not static and neither is it on the defensive. The church is on the offensive and where it goes to proclaim the good news of the Lord, the gates of hell that protects cities and people will not stand against it. The church must move. I need to spend some time on these verses. We then continued our study on John this afternoon with an indepth look into the passage on Jesus and Nicodemus. It is a very, very interesting pericope and among what was pointed out include: 1. Nicodemus came at night 2. Nicodemus never quite asked a question and Jesus didn't quite answered his implied question directly either 3. In ca

Study on the Gospel of John: Day 2

We spent the whole day on John today and we covered more of the introduction on the Historical Context, Major Themes and the Prologue. A few interesting things I learnt include: 1. Unlike the Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John gives hints as to who the author might be 2. John takes on a very strict dualism in the gospel - e.g. you are saved or you are not, you are in the light or you are not 3. Compared to the Synoptic Gospels, John is quite concerned about different things in the sense that he may have written it in complementary to the Synoptic Gospels, e.g. he does not mention the institution of the Lord's Supper nor the Transfiguration 4. While the Synoptic Gospels tell of what Jesus did to show who he is, the Gospel of John talks about who Jesus is, what he is like and what he said to show who he is 5. In John, it has the concept of realised eschatology, e.g. we are experiencing eternal life right this very moment, you don't have to wait until the Last day We the

Study on the Gospel of John: Day 1

I attended the evening class today on the Study on the Gospel of John led by Allen McClymont. As mentioned before, I have a penchant for chiasms and was delighted to see it here again in John - what more the entire structure of John: I. ... Prologue (1:1-18) II. ....... Book of Jesus’ Signs (1:19-10:42) III. ........... Transition from signs to hours (11:1-12:50) IV. ...... Book of Jesus’ Hour (13:1-20:31) V. .. Epilogue (21:1-25) Among the features of the Gospel of John are: 1. The 7 signs or miracles are only found in the first half 2. John introduces several themes and then comes back to them ever now and then, e.g. light and darkness 3. The miracles of Jesus are presented in a crescendo, culminating in the resuscitation of Lazarus. The final miracle recorded in John is very pivotal because it form the basis of the Jewish decision to kill Jesus. 4. A transition can be seen in the mention of "the time has not yet come" to "the hour has come" 5. There are a

This and that

I have completed all assignments and feeling quite relieved, except of course I have just signed up for a module starting tomorrow that will run for 2 weekends: Study on the Gospel of John. I have not been reading God's word devotionally lately and it is high time I got back to doing that. I will get back on M'Cheyne's bible reading schedule, which I have been trying real hard to follow (found a very useful online interactive version here ). I guess I am just not a person of routines, viewing my personality. Anyway, I finally found the website where I found the profiles of personalities too hilarious for words: ENTJ is the Evil Overlord ENTP is the Mad Scientist ENFJ is the Cult Leader ESFJ is the Control Freak ESTJ is the Bureaucrat INFJ is the Conspiracy Theorist INFP is the Idealist, which is yours truly! ENFP is the Scientologist ISTJ is the Thought Police ESFP is the National Enquirer Headline INTP is the Egghead INTJ is the Outside Contractor ISTP is the Psycho Vi

A slow day

I handed up my exegesis paper on Mark 2:1-12 today - didn't quite want to look at it anymore as my migraine is still lingering after its attack since Monday. I have updated the Grace Notes site a bit but not much: just some pictures. We also met up for the usual Wednesday rehearsals every week but attendance was bad. Nevertheless, we had fun learning some really cool and funky Christmas songs. pearlie Photo © 2007 Nate Brelsford

A Thousand Words #48

I wasn't feeling all that great lately with headaches coming on and off. I had a full day of work today, came back, washed up, thought I'd read a bit in bed before getting back to work, but I fell asleep and slept till morning. pearlie Photo © 2007 Clemente Lucca

The value of life

I got my results for Study of the Acts of Apostles today - a B+. No woohoo's. I must say I wasn't too thrilled but then again , I took the risk and did a paper on the Holy Spirit, which I suppose is the most difficult question of the lot. In contrast though to what I read in The Star today, I don't know what to say except this: isn't life worth much more than As? Year Six pupil found hanged NIBONG TEBAL: A family’s bid to rescue a 12-year-old girl found hanged at their home in Changkat, near here proved to be futile. They cut the blanket that gripped her neck and rushed the Year Six pupil to the nearest hospital in Sungai Bakap soon after the 1.40pm incident on Saturday. However, the doctors there decided that S. Subashini be transferred to the Seberang Jaya Hospital, where she died at 4.05am yesterday ... she was confident of scoring at least 4As in the examination, the results showed that Subashini had only obtained 4Bs, 2Cs and 1D. Read the complete story here .

Penang: what shapes your ministry?

Grace Notes were invited to share in music and songs in Trinity Methodist Church, Penang. We had been practicing for awhile now and the day has finally come for our so-called debut, and it went well, all thanks and praise to our God. We sang: 1. Let there be praise (Words and Music by Dick Tunney and Melodie Tunney, Choral Arrangement by Phil Perkin) 2. Halle, Halle, Halle (Traditional Caribbean Tune, Original Music and Setting by Hal H. Hopson) 3. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Words by Rev. E.A. Hoffman, Melody by A.J. Showalter, Arranged by Geordie Roberts) 4. Holy, Holy, Holy (Words and Music by Reginald Heber and John B.Dykes, Arranged by Camp Kirkland and Tom Fettke) 5. Holy is He (Words and Music by Claire Cloninger and David T. Clydesdale, Arranged by David T. Clydesdale) 6. A Clare Benediction (Words and Music by John Rutter) John Oo gave a sermon based on Matthew 22:34-40 and Jeremiah 18:1-6, on What Shapes your Ministry? In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus was

Penang: on arrival

We have arrived safely in Penang and eating our way through it as well - Penang is a food-haven, so there's no escaping! We had our rehearsals this evening and I must say it went well. The sound system in this church was fabulous. Before the rehearsal however, we had a time of devotion where John reminded us of Psalms 23. What are the characteristics of the relationship between the psalmist and God? I saw dependence, reliance and submission. How dependent, reliant and submitted am I to God? In reference to v. 5: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows, John gave us a very good reflection question. If anyone were to bump into us, what will spill out? It is a very relevant question: it really shows what fills our lives. pearlie Photo © 2007 Carlos Gustavo Curado


5:38pm I am asked to lead the bible study this evening and as I got into preparing it, I ran into a big problem. How am I going to lead a study when a big portion of the study material is seriously out of context? I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. How am I going to say that Acts 9:15-19, 26-28 is not about Paul being made into a disciple? This is not a discipleship lesson. I have about 3 hours before the bible study begins. I have to think of something. 5:56pm Ahhhh! The material is so seriously out of context I want to scream! Barnabas went to Tarsus and brought Saul with him (Acts 11:25-26). Together they stayed for a year, during which Saul learned from Barnabas? Where in the world did this guy got this information from?! Ahhhhhh!!! 7:07pm I am going to see if I can do a simple exegesis study on the other 2 passages in the book: Matt 28:18-20 and 1 Pet 2:2-3. Lord, please help me. 11.32pm It actually went well. Maybe because since most of them are away in South

Serious Book-a-mania!

Talk about being a bibliomaniac , I had the wildest of a maniacal day as far as books are concerned. For the first time in three years (I think), Pearson held a warehouse sales. I was told that after the 2 to 3 warehouse sales event held several years ago, they do not have plans for anymore. Pam, my sister-in-law, who was in the publishing industry sent me an email yesterday about the warehouse sales and I headed there in no time. Pearson's warehouse sales are ones to-die-for ... err ... maybe not to die die-for but you know what I mean. Prices were slashed by a minimum of 70% and on top of that, I signed up in their book club and I get another 10%. I was in book-heaven. Since there aren’t many books that I need other than books from SUFES, Canaanland and Evangel, my main objective was to get books for Calvin. For a boy who finished three of Enid Blyton’s short story collections in one day, this was heaven-sent. I spent a long time there and ended up with four boxes piled with

Done! ...

... at least the three test questions. My papers for study on the Gospel of Mark will be due Wednesday next week. I am very drained out today but because I have the following few days all tied up, I have to get some done up before it is too late. I have Grace Notes rehearsals tomorrow and that will be go on to be pretty late, I have a friend coming back from Australia and we are meeting up, I promised to lead bible study on Friday with most in the group away to Korea on a church trip and Grace Notes will be in Penang for the weekend. So I made myself sit down at my desk and took 3 hours to do 3 take-home-closed-book test questions. And I am so glad it is done. I keep wanting to do more and get more points and think about them more - which is the usual for me - but time does not permit, enough is enough. I did them and I passed them up. Done. One more exegetical paper coming up! pearlie Picture by Sophie

How do we learn?

Learning is something close to my heart and to learn how others learn is quite interesting in itself. Beginning with the Es, here's an overall look at how we do it differently. ENTPs are relentless learners. When the subject matter interests them, they are able to find meaning in whatever they are studying. Knowledge is important to them, but they may not feel the need to show this to their teachers and therefore may be somewhat lackadaisical about assignments and tests. ENTPs use their enthusiasm and energy to get others involved in their learning. They learn through give-and-take discussions and by questioning and challenging others. They are quick, verbal, and logical, preferring to use their skills in interactions with others. ENTPs look at the logical foundations in others' thinking and build on them to develop their own conceptual systems. They want to be taught concepts rather then facts. Models are important to them. They typically absorb their teacher's material

Not an INFJ?

I have been procrastinating this for the longest time, which is quite unlike me since I love this kind of stuff. I have taken the test some place else and it tagged me an INFJ. However, when I was in conversation with Lee Mei , who uses Myers-Brigg in her course of work, she was quite certain I am an INFP. Therefore, I decided to do the test today, this time at and it proves Lee Mei right – I am an INFP. And if I read the J/P preference right, then I agree that I am more a P than a J. In reading the profile, I do see the traits in me. And what do you know, I am a dreamer ! The scary thing is that I couldn’t agree more. A brief of what an INFP is: Profile INFPs focus deeply on their values, and they devote their lives to pursuing the ideal. They often draw people together around a common purpose and work to find a place for each person within the group. They are creative, and they seek new ideas and possibilities. They quietly push for what is important to them, an

Where is God in our lives?

There are several points of thought today. One , I worship led today for the first time in the past one year. I shall not say I enjoyed it (to qualify myself on this statement, I enjoy worship leading but that is certainly not the main reason why I do it) because it was not on familiar settings and I was not totally as ease like I used to. But I am blessed to be able to serve this way again. The exhortation that “to everyone who has, more shall be given, but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away” (Mat 13:12, Mk 4:25, Lk 19:26) rings very loudly to me. Two , today’s sermon was given by Rev Ong Hwai Teik on: Evergreen Titles. The Scripture text was taken from 1 Corinthians 4:1-5, focusing on the first 2 verses. 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 1 Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 2 In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy. The thrust of the message is that we

I thought ...

... I have posted everyday. But looks like I missed one! pearlie post-dated 7 May 2009

The earth is the Lord's

... and everything in it! pearlie Photo © 2006 Anatoli Styf

Bookamania # x + 2

It's Deepavali today and since it's a day off, I took the chance to sleep in, to pay back some of my sleep debt, and to spend some time with Calvin. We ended up in the newly renovated Sunway Pyramid and the mommy again ended up spending big bucks on books for the son. He takes after me in reading I guess. He can finish 2 to 3 books in a day, depending on thickness, and with that, I am compelled to buy them in dozens! And I am glad that we found Terry Pratchett's books for younger readers recommended by Alex - we bought 2. I am looking forward to reading them myself! pearlie

A really wild guess

I found a very interesting article by John F. Walvoord entitled "Thirty-three Words for Sin in the New Testament" published in 3 parts in Bibliotheca Sacra in 1943. It may be a very old article, but priceless nonetheless. He did quite a good word-study on all the words that are derived mainly from 10 main ones. He says, "The present study is limited to the thirty-three words for sin found in the New Testament. Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer has pointed out that there are thirty-three aspects to the riches of grace bestowed upon the believer in Christ at the moment he believes. It is interesting that there should be, in contrast, exactly thirty-three generic words for sin in the New Testament, excluding specific names for acts of sin." There is one part which caught my interest. He expounded on the adjective, αναμαρτητος, which has 2 possible meanings: one who has not sinned , and one who cannot sin . It is only found in John 8:7. For context: John 8:2-11 2 Early in

My son, your sins are forgiven

I think I will get sick in no time, what with my late nights and irregular meals - what to do when I think and work best at night and yet I still have to get up at 6 in the morning to get Calvin to school on time. My current job is quite a blessing at times, and I thank God for it. I was able to get back earlier today, and for a person who does not nap, the one and a half hour nap today was one that I seriously needed. I spent quite a bit of time today trying to get my hands on any materials that will give me some background information on how sin and forgiveness were viewed during the biblical times particularly in the Gospels. No luck. I am working on an exegesis of Mark 2:1-12. I tend to think that I might have read v.5 anachronically. When the paralytic in expecting Jesus to heal him, hear instead Jesus saying, "My son, your sins are forgiven," how would he have felt? I would have been astonished - after the physically daunting effort of being lowered down from the cei

A Thousand Words #47

pearlie Picture by Borislav Dopudja


I went back to my old church for a visit today and it was great catching up with old friends again. However, on the sermon front, I will have to break my routine and not blog about it this time. Basically, the sermon was entitled Healing Grace and it ran along the lines of “I am accepted-I am valuable-I am forgivable-I am loveable”; in summary: “I am worthy”. I'll restrain, not rant. pearlie

Home sweet home

After a half-day meeting, we're off back home and I am so glad to be home, and that is all that matters to me now. Thank you Lord. pearlie p/s I hadn't been at the blogs for awhile now. So I had been catching up and found this at Bob's . Pretty interesting.

Greatness: a challenge, a dispute?

The conference began today with an invited speaker from FranklinCovey. He gave a presentation of The Greatness Challenge . To sum it up, he defined greatness as: (1) sustained superior performance (2) intensely loyal customer (3) highly engaged and loyal employees (4) distintive contribution And in order to do that, a great leader must work from the inside out, i.e. from within his own core of character to inspire, trust, clarify purpose, align systems and unleash talent. What he then revealed next was very interesting to me. Apparently, Franklin Covey had spent many years studying all the books he can get on success and discovered that for the first 150 years, the focus on how to be successful was character . Then in later years till our present time, the focus had shifted to personality . Leaders began to use external techniques to build personality. As long we look good on the outside, it's ok what you don't have on the inside. We were then given 2 questions to discuss wit

Kuantan Day 1

We hold a management conference once a year - every alternate year locally and the other abroad. This year, it is held in Kuantan. A quiet little town in the east coast. Today we had a team building session - we all were broken into teams and we had to make a kite each. It was quite fun since I have not made a kite before. But the sad thing was that it couldn't fly. In tandem with building teamwork, what would you do if what you have been working together as a team did not work? That was not addressed in our session. When our kite did not fly, we looked dejectedly at the others gloriously flying high. Then we left the beach and that was all. Sad. pearlie