Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A conversation ... by BK

BK has an excellent post on an account with his "neighbour" during Sunday service. Reading it, I felt as if I was just standing next to him. Thanks BK!

I sat next to a guy at evening service today. He was a little scruffy-looking, with a haircut not dissimilar to Nicholas Cage in Con Air. Actually, I thought he looked uncannily like someone (in?)famous, but I still can't figure out who. He looked fairly intimidating, not the kind of guy you want to play roughhouse with. It was a little surprising, then, when we both stood up at the end of the service, to find out that I was actually taller!

The service started with a reflection on Scripture,and I noticed that he didn't have a Bible and offered to share mine with him. He nodded politely at me and said he was fine without one. As the music struck up, I then noticed that he didn't have a service sheet. (We're old school, no OHP projectors!) So again, I offered to share. He mumbled something and declined again. Then I cottoned on. He must have found reading difficult, and if I insisted I would just have embarrassed him. So I let him be.

Because my church is pretty big and so it's likely you're sitting next to someone different each week, there's always a moment during the service where we have a pause and introduce ourselves. So at this juncture, I said hi to Nicholas Cage. He gave me a name.

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  1. pearlie, you are the scruffy-looking guy with the Nicholas Cage haircut? And all along I thought you are a great looking girl...

    sorry cannot resist.

    I know what you mean. Sometimes it takes effort to connect with people who are not like us.

  2. Alex,
    Haha ... great looking girl? Thank you thank you thank you :D