Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Done! ...

... at least the three test questions.

My papers for study on the Gospel of Mark will be due Wednesday next week. I am very drained out today but because I have the following few days all tied up, I have to get some done up before it is too late. I have Grace Notes rehearsals tomorrow and that will be go on to be pretty late, I have a friend coming back from Australia and we are meeting up, I promised to lead bible study on Friday with most in the group away to Korea on a church trip and Grace Notes will be in Penang for the weekend.

So I made myself sit down at my desk and took 3 hours to do 3 take-home-closed-book test questions. And I am so glad it is done. I keep wanting to do more and get more points and think about them more - which is the usual for me - but time does not permit, enough is enough.

I did them and I passed them up. Done.

One more exegetical paper coming up!

Picture by Sophie