Friday, November 30, 2007

One dream, 2 books and 3 journeys

I had a really comical dream last night, or rather, this morning to be more accurate. I dreamt that I received results for a TEE assignment, which happened to be an OT paper, not that I did any for the past 2 years. On the cover of the assignment, it was marked E with an M in parentheses. In my dream, I felt panicky. Oh no! I got an E, a marginal pass! But wait - maybe it stands for Exceeds Expectations! (For those more initiated in the Harry Potter series would remember the priceless gradings of exams - Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, Acceptable, Poor, Dreadful and Troll.) But as I leafed through the paper, I got really bad comments but they were ridiculous ones, bordering on insane. I woke up feeling so amused! Anyway, I don't think there are any E grades in STM's TEE.

Then I decided, unwisely, to drop into SUFES, on the pretext of taking a look at Anthony Thiselton's 1 Corinthians in the NIGTC series. I saw it, pulled it out and pushed it back in. The price was unbelievable. I thought I do not have an urgent need for it now - it will have to wait. However, I picked up 8 other books but finally settled happily with two.

Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist by Francis J. Moloney
I have offered to give bible study on the Gospel of Mark to the youth in my church and I am pretty excited about it. I was quite impressed with Moloney having read some of his articles when I did my paper on Mark that I have been wanting to get this book for awhile. Now I have good reason to.

Backgrounds of Early Christianity by Everett Ferguson
I was attracted to this book because somehow or rather when I was in SUFES, it really stood out amongst the other books. And since I have a penchant now for history and biblical backgrounds, I just felt drawn to it. And what more, it has many pictures in there: something not many books have.

Later in the evening, I went for the continuation of the Study on the Book of John, where we spent 3 hours on Textual Criticism and an introduction to the passage on the raising of Lazarus. What is interesting is the build up in John, right up to the miracle and from then on, the passion story of Jesus, according to John:

Stage I
An introduction
– Jesus' exalted being (1:1-18)

Stage II
The first journey (2-4)
– starts and finishes in Galilee (Cana)
– there were no conflict

Stage III
The second journey (5-10)
– starts and finishes in Jerusalem
– Jesus starts to face mounting opposition
– at the end of the section, Jesus is very close to being arrested

Stage IV
The third and final journey (11-12)
– to Jerusalem (Bethany, which is close to Jerusalem)
– the turning point in the gospel
– where the miracle of the raising of Lazarus was found

I look forward to the class tomorrow.



  1. dreams - lol.

    oh wow, you got Everett Ferguson's backgrounds book! It's meant to be very good. Would love to have it, but I shouldn't indulge.

  2. It feels good to know that I have bought an oh-wow book :)

  3. BK, you might want to publicise your wishlist somewhere :) you'll never know ... someone may want to spread some bonus blessings your way.

  4. The dream and life of a kiasu.

  5. Thanks for the idea - perhaps we could introduce a new grade - "E".

    Thanks again for the book!! Really appreciate it....

  6. when you mentioned OT paper, i thought it was one of mine (until the next lines says you have not taken any for the last 2 years)!

  7. Julia,
    Yes, Julia. I get you :)

    Anyway I realised now why you related the name Kai to kiasu. Language in Malaysia is quite a melting pot. "kiasu" is not even a word word, i.e. it is a Chinese dialect word transliterated into something that is not even English, because it does not follow the English pronunciation. Anyway, to make the story short - it is pronounced - kee-uh-sue.

  8. Kar Yong,
    As long as "E" stands for Exceeds Expectations, we will have no problems ;)

    You are welcome! It is a gesture of thanks all written in 648 pages ;)

  9. Reb,
    haha ... no, no, the lecturer in my dream was not you. He was a short fat man ;)

    yeah ... somehow or rather I have missed the few OT modules in TEE in the past 2 years. The last I took was the one you gave on OT Hermeneutics and Homiletics. I hope to attend both of yours next year, God willing.

  10. Julia,
    I have to correct myself, pronunciation is a tricky thing: I think kee-ah-sue would be more accurate rendition.

  11. next one in feb 2008 is psalms. that should be a fun one. not only theory part but we will do some practical work e.g. re-writing psalms in own words, putting a psalm to music, converting a psalm into a play, writing an acrostic or alphabetical psalm, etc. i have lots of ideas on what to do but so little time.

  12. I was wondering Reb, is Interpreting OT always on Psalms? The Psalms is very close to my heart and it would be great to work more closely on it but I am very weak in Prophetic Books. What other options are there?

  13. Pearlie,

    Ok, I was thinking Kaisu and not Kiasu when I was talking to that lady at church which is almost like Kai. She said the name was I think from the Japanese and meant perfect or whole. I though that sounded like your tendency to strive to be perfect :)