Thursday, November 22, 2007

This and that

I have completed all assignments and feeling quite relieved, except of course I have just signed up for a module starting tomorrow that will run for 2 weekends: Study on the Gospel of John.

I have not been reading God's word devotionally lately and it is high time I got back to doing that. I will get back on M'Cheyne's bible reading schedule, which I have been trying real hard to follow (found a very useful online interactive version here). I guess I am just not a person of routines, viewing my personality.

Anyway, I finally found the website where I found the profiles of personalities too hilarious for words:

ENTJ is the Evil Overlord
ENTP is the Mad Scientist
ENFJ is the Cult Leader
ESFJ is the Control Freak
ESTJ is the Bureaucrat
INFJ is the Conspiracy Theorist
INFP is the Idealist, which is yours truly!
ENFP is the Scientologist
ISTJ is the Thought Police
ESFP is the National Enquirer Headline
INTP is the Egghead
INTJ is the Outside Contractor
ISTP is the Psycho Vigilante
ISFP is the Crackpot
ISFJ is the Martyr
ESTP is the Conman

For more, check it out here.

I know I must stop this T-T-P-P thing already! But then again, this is just me being me.



  1. Haha ... it's suppose to be "I being I" right? Just one of those vernacular phrases spoken here in Malaysia I guess :)

  2. Mad scientist? That is a better description for Dr Ng Kam Weng (something I heard from someone in Kairos...hehehe)

  3. Yalar ... Mad Scientist quite fit the bill!! LOLOL You just need a white coat ;)