Monday, November 19, 2007

The value of life

I got my results for Study of the Acts of Apostles today - a B+. No woohoo's. I must say I wasn't too thrilled but then again , I took the risk and did a paper on the Holy Spirit, which I suppose is the most difficult question of the lot. In contrast though to what I read in The Star today, I don't know what to say except this: isn't life worth much more than As?

Year Six pupil found hanged
NIBONG TEBAL: A family’s bid to rescue a 12-year-old girl found hanged at their home in Changkat, near here proved to be futile. They cut the blanket that gripped her neck and rushed the Year Six pupil to the nearest hospital in Sungai Bakap soon after the 1.40pm incident on Saturday. However, the doctors there decided that S. Subashini be transferred to the Seberang Jaya Hospital, where she died at 4.05am yesterday ... she was confident of scoring at least 4As in the examination, the results showed that Subashini had only obtained 4Bs, 2Cs and 1D.

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  1. Hint I an easy grader?? Haha...

  2. Sigh ... I give up ... I surrender ...

  3. Pearlie,
    I didn't realize till I was older that a B+ is a really good grade.

    Good job Pearlie, on top of everything else you do - it's awesome!

  4. We put so much pressure on our children and ourselves. My son has to have a B average in order to stay in a class he's in. It's a hard class and the teacher is moving way too fast. Many of the children are suffering.

    We have to show them an ourselves that it will be ok if we have a slip and teach them to continue to work hard. What a difficult balance.

    You did your best and that's something to be proud of.

  5. Thanks Milly, :) I am ok with my grades. But sad that some so young can be so negatively affected by it. It is certainly a hard world and there is really a need to teach and help our kids to balance life well.