Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Google Reader!

I am not very well-versed with what's in the world of information technology: I only have a vague idea what stuff like RSS and technorati are and I don't really know about the other stuff like newsgator and del.icio.us. I get periodic emails from bloglines but I don't find it very useful.

I discovered Google Reader a couple of days ago and so far it has proved to be very useful - what I had hoped bloglines would do, Google Reader does it. Basically what it does is collate all the blogs that I subscribe to into one place. It acts like an inbox for blog posts and rss feeds - complete with images (and videos too I presume). It makes sense to just go to one place to check if there are new posts without having to open up 20 over windows like I had to, especially when my blogroll is growing.


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