Monday, December 17, 2007

Hearing God's Word

I have started too many books but finishing none, except for maybe a couple. I have just started - or re-started, which would be more accurate - Peter Adam's Hearing God's Words, Exploring Biblical Spirituality (New Studies in Biblical Theology) and hopefully I will stick to it until I finish reading it.

From the description of the book:
Many discussions of Christian spirituality draw on a range of traditions and "disciplines." Little attention, however, appears to have been given to the Bible itself for its teaching on this theme or as a source of spirituality. Similarly, it is commonly assumed that, when it comes to spirituality, the evangelical tradition has little to offer. In response, Peter Adam urges us to renew our confidence in a biblical model of spirituality and to test our spirituality by the Bible. Drawing on a selection of Old and New Testament texts, along with significant insights from the Christian tradition (including John Calvin and the Puritans), he expounds the shape and structure of a gospel-centered "spirituality of the Word" through which we know God himself and receive the life he gives.

I felt that it is timely for me to read a book on spirituality after having slogged on and on with endless assignment in the last several months. It is indeed a good practice that some of my lecturers make it compulsory for us to include a sermon or bible study outline as an appendix to the assignments. It makes us think about Scripture from the application side and hopefully the more we think about it that way, the more it will be practiced in our lives.

Again, I hope I'll not let the book down until I finish it. Hit me if I do.


update: I gave a review of the book here


  1. hi pearlie,

    I hope you will read and enjoy the book. No, I will not hit you if you don't? However I wonder if it is a suitable book on Christian spirituality for you after all your assignments on Biblical theology. Peter focused on a Word-based spirituality. Christian spirituality should be wider than that. I will love to hear your comments about the book.

  2. However I wonder if it is a suitable book on Christian spirituality for you after all your assignments on Biblical theology.

    Actually it did cross my mind - I suppose I am looking it from the perspective giving what I have been doing a more complete picture. However, I am beginning to get lost even at the start with his discussion about Evangelical vs. Reformed in terms of spirituality because where I am, I am not so informed with regards to these segregations and the differences between them. I remember asking one of my more scholarly pastors what am I! I will let you know what I think when I finish it.

  3. Hi pearlie,

    O wow, great u got the book. Please finish it and I would be very keen to borrow it. I would pester u so that u finish quickly and that I can have the book. As it has been a wondering to me all the while about other traditions that promote spirituality. In fact, I have tried many spirituality styles like pentecostal style(speaking in tongues), even mysticism style -meditate God's word by using some techniques of breathing and mental concentration to connect to the Heart by using God's words as the focus of meditation etc ...and I come to a conclusion that word-based spirituality should be the way as it seems to me that it's the biblical way. Unless u dun stand on the ground of "Bible as the supreme authority on all matters of faith and ministry"..then, u cay say "Christian spirituality should be wider than that". O well...looks like u got lots of things to think about.....all the best and have a good holiday in Singapore..shall see u on 29 Dec.

  4. Alex,

    "Christian spirituality should be wider than that" - I wonder what the bible says about Christian spirituality and what other Christian spirituality are u having in mind which is wider than what the bible says or which bible has more to say than word based spirituality. Unless u dun take the ground of "Bible as the supreme authority of all matters of faith and conduct", maybe u can say that. Again, I also know, not many would stand on the ground of evangelical tradition- ie Scripture as the supreme authority. Looks like we have some differ view on this...o wow!

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