Monday, December 10, 2007

Miscellany and trivialities

Today is bland. But was nice. It was miscellaneous.
And also trivial. But was good.
  • I had a nice lunch in a restaurant which is getting more and more popular it was packed from wall to wall, and spilling to the patio
  • I had fun with MS Excel working on some figures and learning more from Mr. Excel
  • I found a great quote, which I think will become a favourite of mine: "This is so cool I've to go to the bathroom." ~ Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
  • I took several ridiculous tests in Facebook:
    Which German philosopher am I? Immanuel Kant
    Which French philosopher am I? René Descartes
    Which Greek philosopher am I? Socrates
    Which dictator am I? Kim Jong-Il
    How will I die? Of old age
    What disaster am I? An earthquake
    What car am I? An electric car
    Which musical instrument am I? A violin
    My results for the World's Most Abstract Quiz? I ain't no double negative!
  • Found several great online radio stations As I searched on, the list became endless.
    Choirboys and Trebles - Christmas music from choristers, boy sopranos and the finest choirs of men and boys in the world
    Choral Treasure - Sacred choral music (mostly) in the Catholic tradition. Gregorian chant, polyphony and other music growing out of the Western and Eastern traditions of faith.
    Praise Broadcasting - Praise Broadcasting Network, featuring groups including Maranatha Singers, Praise Band, Songs of the Vineyard, etc.
Photo © 2007 Stefanie L.


  1. Some call me "Misce" hehe

    Thanks for the broadcast links. I'm listening right now.

    Are you finding out new things about yourself with all those quizzes or just confirming whay you always thought?

  2. Hey Misce ;)
    Which station were you on? I am on the Choirboys and Trebles for quite awhile now - lovely ...

    Hmmm ... can't quite answer your question - I don't know enough about those philosophers to agree or disagree - what I know is that most if not all of them are atheists! haha and Kim Jong-Il isn't much welcomed here. Glad to know I'll die of old age but with the unhealthy stuff I love to eat ... me an earthquake? I dunno ... Yeah! I am a violin ... and what am I to do as a double negative ... hehe

  3. This one made me smile:

    "fun with MS Excel"

    ..nice to know someone else has fun with it :)

  4. I held an ear to all and they were all incredible. I am amazed with the versitility and pure beauty of the human voice! I had to stick with the Praise Broadcasting Channel, though. Choral and orchestral music makes me cry too much and I spiral into a depression. I studied music for almost 10 years, a promising clarinetist - but had to stop for this very reason. :( But I bookmarked it so I can enjoy in small bursts!

  5. KB,
    There are! Good to know you are one too?