Thursday, December 06, 2007

My bloggerland

It is time again to take a snapshot of the zeitgeist in this part of bloggerland.

Milestones of a Worshipper
Ruth is now in Cairo learning Arabic and feeling very alien in a world who sees her so differently from who they are.

Kansas Bob
He is the only Kansas Bob in the USA but as far as we are concerned the only Kansas Bob in the world; and he has some very good Christmas gift suggestions - the best things to give away, that will last not only for a lifetime, but for eternity.

Kingdom Jewels
Julia presented her Christmas tree. Note: the video also gives quite a good view of her home. And was it Edward la-la-la-ing Hark the Herald there? I think so.

Meletao Logous tou Theo
Chee Keat returned from the 32nd session of TRAC, where he had both a challenging and relaxing time. Go ask him the secret of how to be both challenging and relaxing at the same time!

Old Testament Passion
Anthony is at the Malaysian CARE center conducting a TEE module in Biblical Interpretation. He has also been musing about what his old Mazda can teach him about Old Testament theology (yes, Reb?! ;)

Penless Writer
Susan is acknowledging how blessed she is for the blessings that God has been pouring on her and her family - especially David and Oksana. Praise the Lord and I pray that your cup will always be overflowing with blessings, Susan, spilling over to touch the lives of others around you.

Random Musings from a Doctor's Chair
Alex has been musing about cord blood - should we be storing a newborn's cord blood and should there be controls over it - and the great Catholic and Orthodox Divorce - a re-look into history to help us understand life and live it better.

Tension is a passing note...
BK talked about the future of reading with the recent introduction of Amazon Kindle, a portable reading device. Really, how would our grandkids be reading in the future? What would become of the printing industry? What would happen to my books?! ;)

Texas Chilly
Missy's been rather effulgent lately and the ever-grateful one for all the good things God has for her. Missy, I have not responded to your kind words yet - I will!

The Familyhood Church
Kevin's been getting several migraine attacks lately and I hope he gets better soon. And for us migraine-proned people, please consider removing the word verification option. Seriously.

the homilia of a budding NT scholar
Kar Yong is away in Hanoi for a well-deserved break.

The Milly Times
Missy's son turned 14 recently - Happy Birthday!

Karen turned 50 this year and delighted to know she is among good people who also turned 50.

Weapons of Mass Deduction
Doug's still on blogger-sabbatical. God bless you and all at home!

The year is almost at an end and there is so much to thank God for: the good, the bad, the more, the less, the big, the small; in everything I thank God. And I thank God for all of you as well: the world is a brighter place because of friends, those who are close in the heart, in the mind and in the spirit.

God bless you all.



  1. Thanks for mentioning me :o)

  2. haha, your books will be safe, don't worry! They'll merely be in electronic form. Think, you don't have to lug around those 6 volumes of Anchor Bible Dictionary anymore! And you can flash your green credentials!

  3. Susan,
    You are welcome ((hugs back))

  4. BK,
    Haha ... most probably my grandkids would look at the books and the conversation would go:

    "What are these?"

    "Oh, they are books."

    "What? Oh, what do you do with them?"

    "I read them."

    "Really? How? Where are the videos feeds? How do you do this in the dark? There is only one story? Where's the rest?"


  5. I am thanking God for you Pearlie.. you are also a unique world entity.. I appreciate you.

  6. Hey! That one is 2 years old. It must have left an impression on you.