Saturday, December 15, 2007

Play and work

My family church had its yearly Christmas celebration today and they decided to have it simple as a family gathering, not so evangelistic and to bring the message of Christmas to the "once-a-year-Christians". The service was packed with presentations from all groups in the church, young and old, with a Christmas message from the pastor. His message was good. He spoke about the three groups of people during that first Christmas - those in opposition, King Herod; those in ignorance, the innkeepers; and those in worship, the shepherds and the wisemen: which are you? It was good but I felt the message was drowned within the noise of almost 500-600 people. Usually church services are quiet and people are attentive but somehow or rather such Christmas services are as noisy as a market place.

My neighbourhood church on the other hand held a evangelistic programme for some migrant workers. I heard it went well and the good news of the Lord was ministered. Wish I had been there to witness and to be a part of. I find it more real than fan dance and mimes.



  1. yeah, tis is the first time i went to a Christmas service where it's like pasar malam. Aisei, it's pretty sad to hear the main core important message of Christmas is drowned. On this note, I'm concerned on such Christians' attitude.

  2. You were there too? I didn't see you, but I think someone told me you were around.

    it's pretty sad to hear the main core important message of Christmas is drowned.
    What are your thoughts? Didn't you think that the message was drowned too? It is amazing I actually caught at least something out of the sermon! I had an impending headache which worried me since we had to do the Postlude.