Friday, December 21, 2007

Singapore: Day 2

It was a good day today - the weather was good and we were well rested for another day of sight seeing, with just one exception: our legs are still suffering from all the walking we did yesterday.

We took a train to the Ang Mo Kio Station and from there we need to take a Bus 138 to the zoo. We had some problems figuring where to take the bus from as the signboards were pointing to 3 different directions: Bus Stop A, Bus Stop B and Bus Interchange. In the confusion of it all, again we met someone from back home and this time, Calvin's schoolmate also heading the same way. We got to the bus station, took the right bus and this time, the ticket counter lines weren't as long as the day before. There were a lot of people but I guess things were more efficient here. We bought tickets for the zoo and tram rides in the night safari.

Calvin at the entrance of the zoo

We had to walk really slowly as our feet would allow us, and had a really great time. The Singapore Zoo is really one of the nicest place in the world to be. It is amazingly well kept, well-designed and a very friendly place to be. We managed to catch the show in the amphitheatre as well as the polar bear feeding. Calvin's favourite were obviously the penguins and I suppose we were indeed waddling around the zoo just like penguins with our aching legs.

It began to drizzle in the evening and we settled on a bench at the free ranging orangutan site. It was very pleasant sitting there with the orangutans around and about us while we rest our aching feet.

I did not get good pictures of the orangutans because of backlight and I don't have that great a camera.

We left the zoo by 6 and headed to the night safari situated across the zoo. It was a misfortune we could not catch the animal show as it was drizzling quite badly but the tram ride was a very good one. My favourite was the tapir, I could see their black and white body even in the dark with a little light installed over head.

We ended the day with a purchase Calvin could not leave the zoo without - a toy penguin, which now goes by the name Pengy.


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