Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wrapping up

I am so bogged down with work these couple of days trying to wrap things up before I go off for a long break starting this Thursday. It is the same story at home as I try to catch up on a long of things I have been putting off before it is too late. We will be off to Singapore tomorrow evening on a long delayed holiday I promised my son. I told him I will bring him to the Singapore zoo when he was 4. It is high time I fulfill that promise before he turns double digit 10 next year!

The Singapore Zoo is touted to be one of the best zoos in Asia, if not the world. It is endorsed by the late Steve Irwin and Animal Planet utilises it for some of its documentaries. The other place we shall not miss will be the Singapore Science Centre and the Omni-Theatre. The science centre is said to hold 850 exhibits - impossible to view it all in one visit. Looks like we will have 2 science-filled days. Hurray!



  1. hi pearlie,

    enjoy your time in Singapore. Kino and Borders at Orchard Road are large megabookstores with a large children reading section. The Christmas sale is still on.

  2. The Christmas sale is still on

    Oh no :)
    I have been to Spore Kino and Borders before and I look fwd to being there again - and this time with the kid. Will be fun!