Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bookamania #I have lost count

I shall have to finish the books I have bought recently before I go get any another. That will be exactly 12 books counting from October 2007, not including those in softcopy. In what ways possible, I have to drill that into my thick brain before I go spend more money on books I have no time to read. Too late ...

Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences by Dr. H. Wayne House, Joseph M. Holden (Zondervan, 2006)
This is one of those books you'll never get had you not picked up one of the same kind and then saw another one you think is much better. I got this one in place of the Holman Quicksource Guide to Christian Apologetics. While the guide book is colourful and full of photos and images, I felt that this chart resource might be more useful with salient information arranged in charts for easy reference. It summarises the related topics very well. The charts allows you to view it all in one page, in one glance.

Hear, My Son, Teaching and Learning in Proverbs 1-9 (New Studies in Biblical Theology) by Daniel J. Estes (IVP/Apollos, 2003)
I feel that I am not as exposed to the Old Testament as I am in the New and this one appeals to me. I like teaching, I like learning and I have a son to be responsible for to impart to him the Word of God. I am looking forward to reading this book. Hope it's good.

Original Sin, Illuminating the Riddle (New Studies in Biblical Theology) by Henri Blocher (IVP/Apollos, 2003)
A book that would be really useful had I got hold of it couple of months ago when I was tackling a paper. Nevertheless, I was still drawn to it when I saw it on the shelf. I do need some illumination on the riddle.

The Cross from a Distance, Atonement in Mark's Gospel (New Studies in Biblical Theology) by Peter Bolt (IVP/Apollos, 2004)
I did not want to get this when I was doing my paper on Mark because I was not tackling the subject of the cross. However, now that I am taking on the bible study classes with the youth in church, this has become a need-to-read book.

The Complete Polysyllabic Spree, The Diary of an Occasionally Exasperated but Ever Hopeful Reader by Nick Hornby (Penguin, 2007)
I have been looking for a book on books or on reading. I could not find The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop recommended by Alex Tang. I saw this instead. I first noticed its cover. The books, albeit just sketches, attracted me. I scanned read the first few pages and found it promising. Polysyllabic spree - there is a nice ring to this phrase. I would not however, be able to keep up with the author's rate of reading. He may call himself an "occasionally exasperated but ever hopeful reader" but for the purpose of this book-diary which spans from September 2003 to June 2006, he bought 3 to 9 or more books a month and read 3 to 8, not necessarily the same ones. It promises to be a really good read and I am looking forward to it - it will be my bedtime reading for the next few days or weeks.

"I would never attempt to dissuade anyone from reading a book. But please, if you're reading a book that's killing you, put it down and read something else, just as you would reach for the remote if you weren't enjoying a TV programme. Your failure to enjoy a highly rated novel doesn't mean you're dim ... All I know is that you can get very little from a book that is making you weep with the effort of reading it, and you'll learn nothing from it ... " (Hornby, p.6)

True, but shucks, I spent RM49.90 on it.



  1. i think i experience the pleasures of book-browsing and buying vicariously through your blog! :)

    A friend of mine tells me Original Sin is pretty hard-going in places, and I've heard good things about Cross From a Distance.

  2. "Buying vicariously" - :) you did put a smile on my face this morning, which is good - I see a hard and grueling day coming ahead of me :(

    I am getting along well with Hornby's book - it is really so much easier to read books that if your mind kinda drifted off in the last few minutes, you can still carry on with not much of a concern. You just can't do that with Original Sin or Cross From a Distance, now can you? haha

    You have made Original Sin even more interesting now! It think I will try it out after I finish Hornby ;)

  3. That last one sounds good just for the title! Let us know how it is.

  4. Yes, Nick Hurnby's book sounds interesting. Would like to hear more about that. True, I buy more books than I actually have time to read them ... but again, they say some books are for a certain "season" so I try not to chew one that I can't digest. [like that one I crazily promised to review on ... it's killing me! and I haven't gone past Chapter 1]

  5. Julia, Melissa,
    I might give a review of this book - or maybe not :) I was reading it last night - I fell asleep: either I was too tired or I got bored. A bit of both I am sure.