Monday, December 31, 2007

The last day, a full day, a book day, a new day

I had a long list of things to do today, being the last day of the year. Calvin and I went for breakfast. Then we headed off to Sufes to get some books I had wanted to get for Pastor Chris. I promised I will get him Continuity and Discontinuity, edited by John S. Feinberg but there weren't any copies available yet and so I ended up getting him these 2 other books:

Deuteronomy (New International Biblical Commentary) by Christopher Wright

Handbook on the Prophets by Robert B.Jr. Chisholm (a book I would love to get a copy myself!)

And I got myself The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity by James S. Jeffers. I think this will be the last of this genre of books because I seem to be so drawn to them lately, ending up having so many copies now.

But what was interesting about this visit to Sufes was meeting someone new. While I was browsing books at my favourite aisle, I saw this lady who kept pulling out books on Greek. I couldn't help myself from being curious and I started talking to her. Her name is Mei Wan.

Are you taking up Greek?

Oh no. But I am trying to learn it on my own. Do you take Greek yourself?

Only the basics.

I wanted to get to it a bit so I can look up on some important words in some passages.

We went on for awhile discussing how she can learn a little Greek to help her in doing word study to enhance her understanding of the bible. It was quite amazing because she told me that while she was pulling out the books, she was also asking God to help her find the right ones amongst all the tomes there. I just felt an urge to ask her, I did try to keep quiet so as not to be a busybody but I just felt compelled to do it, which in fact is quite unlike me! God certainly has his ways.

However, being a bibliophile, I am afraid I recommended her too many books! But of all the books, I did highlight this to her, which I think is what she needed:

Greek for the Rest of Us by William D. Mounce

After the visit to Sufes, Noel and another good friend of mine, Alex, asked me over for coffee. The three of us used to meet quite often and spent quite a lot of time talking and discussing about God, theology, books, the bible - but we haven't been doing that for too long a time. So even though I had quite a bit of things to do, I make it a point to meet anyway and headed off the MidValley/Gardens. I will have to find time later to complete what I will be procrastinating. We had a good chat talking about the different biblical softwares we have downloaded, some books and more. Then we headed off to Borders (how could we leave without stepping into the bookstore when there is a bookstore!). For once we succeeded in getting Noel out of the store without getting any books, but Alex and I weren't as successful. We got for ourselves each a copy of:

The Scientists: A History of Science Told Through the Lives of Its Greatest Inventors by John Gribbin. Not only was it on bargain, we also got a 15% discount as well: RM33.61 is well-worth it for a hardcover with deckled edges - I really love these decorative uncut edges!

I headed home just in time to get ready for Watchnight Service in church. This was the first time we attended Watchnight Service away from my family church - in a smaller setting in our neighbourhood church. It turned out special. The worship was amazing, the exhortation moving, the fellowship warm and to the heart. Somehow or rather, we seem to be connecting often with the numerous greetings and sharing of the peace of God. It was a lovely close to the year and an wonderful opening into the new year. We renewed our covenant together, we partook in the Holy Communion together and we supped in the first meal of the new year together. To me, even though we have been doing these things week in week out, this time it just felt different. And when I was holding on to the bread and wine, I felt so blessed and so thankful that Jesus has commanded us to eat and drink, bread and wine, to remember Him. To be a part of his body, now resurrected and to be a part of the body of Christ, the Church.

There is hope in the Lord. There is joy. There is peace. There is love.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
~ 2 Corinthians 5:17


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  1. Wow, happy new year to you! You're in 08 already and I'm stuck back here in 07!

    God bless you!!!