Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lessons Learnt 2007

Alex listed out his lessons learnt in 2007. I wanted to follow his lead but after staring at the ceiling for awhile, I still can't quite come up with anything. No doubt, I have learnt so much but too much to put into a neat 1-2-3 list. I guess my mind isn't so as structured as Alex's.

But what I can do instead it this: since the main purpose of why I blog is to mull and ponder on the most significant event and lesson for the day, I shall highlight lessons learnt by the month.

January 2007
"I will be making some major changes in my life." I've learnt that it is important to just make the change and trust in God to lead the way. He is after all, good, to the full sense of the word.

February 2007
I've learnt that "... if we do not bring our family members, our friends, our churchmates, our neighbour, our colleagues or anyone in our community for frequent conversation, if we do not listen to their hearts, if we do not pay good attention to their needs, they will give up on us."

March 2007
I've learnt that "... our relationship with God and not just God and I, but God and us, God, you and I, we are the body of Christ. If all were a single member, where would the body be? (1 Co 12:19) ... I must not only be concerned about my relationship with God but our relationship with God. When one part of the body is hurting, we all hurt. When one part is faraway from God, we miss his fellowship."

April 2007
I've learnt that "As Jesus called out, 'Father, into your hands I commit my spirit', and breathed his last, may we too remembering what he has done, cry out to our Father God, 'into your hands I commit my spirit' and breathe our last in owning our lives, it is no longer ours but Christ's."

May 2007
I've learnt that "... such is the beauty of the bible. It speaks to us in its different forms - narratives, poetry, history, proverbs, songs, letters. It speaks to us no matter who we are or how old we are, wherever we are. God knows us well and what would work for us."

June 2007
I've learnt that " ... how can you not tell the good news of Christ?"

July 2007
On The Trinity College Choir - "Hearing their almost perfect voices, I even began to think that maybe I shouldn't sing anymore but on the other hand it does encourage me and gave me a feel of where I can be heading. Their vocals are so crisp clear. They sound like one voice. And all that almost effortlessly." I've learnt that I thought I can sing!

August 2007
"Here I was talking about evangelism and here he was, gone and unreached." I've learnt that there is never a bad time to share the good news of Christ.

September 2007
I've learnt that "Theological inquiry is important. Indeed, it is essential for a mature faith, a 'faith which seeks understanding.' But, as every theology student knows, it is deadly when it becomes a preoccupation that replaces active ministry. Even more deadly is that sense of theological correctness that leads to smugness about one's spiritual condition and becomes an excuse for complacency and inactivity. Deadliest of all is that theological controversy which substitutes the search for orthodoxy for service and mission. In all such cases, James—and Jesus—remind us that 'ye shall know them by their fruit.' Faith without works is dead." (Polhill)

October 2007
I've learnt that "it is not about us. It is Christ."

November 2007
"I was in book-heaven." I've learnt that there is never enough books.

December 2007
I've learnt that "God in his creative being designed us so differently. Our characters and behaviours are so different and that is what makes the body of Christ, and yet our judgemental characters shows out the most when the behaviour of others are so different from us. We may argue that their behaviours are wrong behaviours, but that does not justify our behaviour when we approach them in disdain and worse yet, be contemptous behind their backs. I am so guilty of this. God, please forgive and change me."

That's all ... what I have learnt in 2007. God is good. God have mercy on me.

And oh, by the way, with the New Year, I thought it would be nice to change my blogheader picture again and found the perfect one taken by Steve Woods. Thanks Steve!



  1. hii pearlie

    happy new year... god bless u

  2. Pearlie- Those are great lessons! I think you will be blessed by taking the time and effort to reflect on them. Thank you for recording them here. Have a blessed New Year!

  3. Nice header & blog additions, BTW!

  4. Hi pearlie,

    Thank you for the kind words and the link. I am really blessed by your sharing about the lessons you have learnt last year. You are truly a 'Barnabas' in your sharing and writing in your blog. I look forward to learning more from you this year. Blessed New Year.

  5. Thanks Julia. Yes, it was also a good thing to view through an entire year's worth of blogging. Most of the things felt like it happened just a few weeks ago!

  6. You are welcome Alex. You have been a blessing as well in many ways. And I thank you for your kind words - just one question I couldn't help asking - what would being a 'Barnabas' mean? Encourager? Supporter?

  7. I will use it to mean encourager which is the common evangelical usage though in the Greek it means "son of rest"

  8. Alex,
    That is nice to know and thanks :)

    I learnt something too - I have never come across it but last night when I read the bible to Calvin, I checked the Study Bible, and there it is, right in my possession but never realising it: Barnabas, the Encourager.

  9. Hey Pearlie,

    How are you?

    I wanted to wish you a very happy new year and blessings galore.

    I've learned a lot this year too. Most of all, I've learned that even peace is worthless without love.

    Around the time I stopped posting on my blog, I was made an elder in my church. I realize now that is is sometimes nicer to just go to church and not know what is going on behind the scenes. Our pastors are pretty great, but some of the congregation is very mean-spirited. The burden of this with the rising of work and family pressures really sent me for a loop.

    In spite of the fact that I am BUSIER now than I was last year at this time, we are doing much much better. I am praying (only praying right now) about coming out of sabatical. I'll talk to my wife about it, but 'wait' is a perfectly fine answer for me.

    Either way, I keep reading your blog and you really keep a lot of quality posts on here.

    God Bless

  10. Hey Doug,
    This is such a pleasant surprise. So great to see you and the family doing well.

    Yes, it is nice to be in a church and not be in the behind scenes but it's only a matter of time - we have started in this neighbourhood church about a year now, and I can see it coming but it is in my prayers to be able to always believe that in all things his grace is sufficient.

    Would be wonderful if you are back in Bloggerland but yes, there are more important and crucial things. I think I have cut down quite some time off the internet but not enough - can't avoid it since it is such a useful tool though I do get tangent-off into extracurricular stuff sometimes :)

    Thanks for reading me once in awhile. Would love to read you soon but take your time.

    God bless you and all at home. Happy New Year!