Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let Him Lead

This is going to be
A difficult one to write
Still sorting out my thoughts
What’s disturbing me tonight

There are many things
I will never understand
I’ll never will, but still
They get the upper hand

I need to shake it off
Just give it all a rest
Back it comes to haunt me
This must be a test

It is not important
Trying to convince
My mind, my will, my intellect
They deserted me long since

My heart instead the culprit
Would not be comforted
It rages on with disapproval
My thoughts now a riot

I must come to understand
It is not I but God
No one else that matters
None other but my Lord

So don’t be downcast O my soul
He is the one you need
Other things are all futile
Release and let him lead

All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng


  1. some powerful emotion here. Need some form of release or you shall explode

  2. Alex,
    That was my release ;)
    I am ok - just need to vent a little.

  3. I think I am reading Psalm 151 - NPV - New Pearlie's Version.

    Are you coming for Prof Buck's Romans? If so, see you then!

  4. Julia,
    :) in a sense aren't we all are in our contemporary standards?

  5. Kar Yong,
    This proves that I am really sick, I actually went to the bible to check Ps 151 - malu oni. I am down with either food poisoning or the stomach flu.

    I am sad I could not make it to Prof Buck's Romans but trying not to think about it - I am conducting training in Melaka from 21-24th - can it be recorded or something? Audio will be good enough. If you don't have the usual facilities, a notebook computer and the free Audacity software may be possible.

  6. wonderful work, pearlie. Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Hi Pearlie,

    Hope you are getting better - just dont let our Rabbi read that you actually turn to the bible to read Psalm 151 - else you will need to take his Interpreting OT course on Psalms in February to be held in PJEFC!

    Not sure about recording - need to check with Prof Buck as well.

  8. well, i already read the postings!

    anyway, for your info, there is a psalm 151 but only in the Septuagint or LXX. so, if you were looking for psalm 151 in your bible, you were only 50% wrong.

    but on a lighter note, i am collecting home-grown 'psalms' written by malaysians. one day will put them all into my book on psalms! so, this one will be in!

  9. Thanks Karen. Yes, much much better.

  10. Hi Reb,
    I was actually thinking of that when Kar Yong mentioned Ps 151 - I knew there was one somewhere and thanks for reminding. I actually checked for the Ps 151 in my "blurness" using BibleWorks7 - could have succeeded if I had done it in LXX eh? haha

    And thanks for adding mine to your collection - am very honoured.