Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mind doodling

I love to doodle, and sometimes it comes out quite nice, to me at least.

It usually starts with nothing in mind. Sometimes, it could build into something that I can work on, sometimes not. Sometimes, it can even go quite massive. I find that I “doodle” with my mind as well, especially when I am driving alone. I begin talking to myself, and sometimes it builds to something that is surprisingly quite profound – to me at least.

I was mind-doodling this morning. I cannot remember what I started talking to myself about but halfway through I was trying to share my faith with someone who I imagined could not understand the concept of sin. (I know, I am a totally weird person!) The end result however, was not that I now have a new evangelism tool. I wish I did, but what I got was a good lesson.

I learnt that as far as Christianity is concerned, as a faith, its ultimate message is not about having a God to make me feel better when I am depressed, or about having a God to provide for me when I am in need, or about just having a God to believe in. God does provide for us and more but that is just not it. What is left after removing the peripherals is the fact that through Christ and only through Christ, we come back to being able to talk to God, to commune with Him, to be close to Him, to rest in His bosom.

What is at the heart of Christianity is reconciliation.



  1. To be truly IN HIM and HE IN US!!!

  2. Pearlie, Thanks so much for your comments on my blogoversary post. Pease come back and ask a question so your name will be in the drawing for my little giveaway:o) Susan