Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On Logos and on signs

I have decided on the 2 assignments for John, one on the background and meaning of Logos and how it contributes to the Johannine Christology and the second one on a short exegesis of John 4:43-54. The 2 passages, including John's prologue have been filling my mind for the past few weeks amidst the busyness of the year end.

A few questions on the John 4 passage:

  • Upon hearing that Jesus is near, a royal official rushed to him hoping to take him back to his home to heal his dying son. But Jesus told him, "Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe" (4:48). Why? It is obvious that the man did not want to see any signs and wonders for the sake of the signs and wonders but only that his son will be healed, which will be his only reason for rushing over. So, why did Jesus say what he said?
  • There are three usages of the word believe. The first two before the miracle and the third after the miracle, when he found out what Jesus had accomplished. What are the differences between the usages?
  • John highlighted that this was the second sign, the first being the miracle at a wedding in Cana, after which he does not number them anymore. What are the significance of these 2 numbered signs?
On the prologue, I did not have the time to mull over it much and the question I have is concerning the assignment question itself, i.e. what does it mean by the contribution of Logos to John's Christology?

Anyway, my Christmas present to myself just arrived this morning - the Word Biblical Commentary on CD-Rom. I had felt quite anguished about it because Noel's copy arrived 2 weeks ago. I wonder why the vast difference in time of delivery when we aren't really that far apart in location. It will be an adventure to carry 58 volumes of OT and NT commentaries everywhere I go with my computer! If only my brain is that big.



  1. What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself. How awesome!!! What a wonderful time we live in when "everything" is at our finger tips. I just need a new "memory chip" in my head!!!!

    Happy New Year sweet Pearlie!!!

  2. I think your brain is bigger than you think :)

  3. I just need a new "memory chip" in my head!!!!

    Yeah, 80 gigs of it would do nicely for now, with a 4G RAM :D

  4. Julia,
    You think? haha - I hope so!

  5. Hi. Too late to get the free ebook. Thaks anyway. 'cos my cpu was infected with virus.

    Can I get a copy /cd of that Commentary?
    -woonks, tee program