Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An organised mess

Kar Yong had been pretty quiet but he is back and thanks to him, I am in the midst of downloading Dr. Craig Blomberg's lectures on the New Testament, though I am wondering when I will ever get to hear them.

I am so busy I am almost drowning. With the opening of the year, Calvin is now in Primary 4 requiring more guidance in his homework, I am halfway through a project at work and about to start a new one, there are so many tests and requirements to fulfil at work at the start of a new year, I am trying to read countless number of articles on Logos and Christology (not to mention the books I have not touched) for my assignment, I will need to work on getting prepared for a training session happening 2 weeks from now, and on top of it, I have just accepted the request to lead the youth in my church in bible study starting this Sunday (but then again, I am the one who offered myself in the first place). Take deep breaths ...

In the midst of all these however, I hope to return to a more disciplined prayer life and daily bible reading, which I am doing with Calvin so that I get to read to him too.

Talking about prayer, something that is always a mystery to me, Chee Keat once asked me what I thought about praying aloud in church. He told me that he finds it hard and I had to agree with him. I find it just as hard as well. During prayer this past Sunday, we were requested to pray aloud. I did (though not too loud) but the moment I heard my neighbour uttering away aloud, my concentration was disrupted. I heard what she was praying about and I just can't continue praying myself. I tried not think about what she prayed but thought about it I did. So I stopped trying whatever I was trying and let the others pray instead.

Just how do they do it?



  1. Motherly advice?!!!!! Don't spread yourself too thin sweet Pearlie :o)

  2. Pearlie- Reading the Bible with Calvin is what I would call killing 2 birds with one stone. Doesn't sound good, but it is good.

  3. Thanks Susan :) This is not too bad considering what I have been doing last year! hehe

  4. Julia,
    Great minds think alike ;) I was thinking the same phrase while posting but didn't quite wanna verbalise it.

  5. Me quiet? Hahaha...No thanks in part to Streamyx - moved house in 2nd week of dec after my hanoi trip, and it took 9 days for the people in TM to get internet up and running in the new house! By the time the internet is connected, it time for me to go off again for 2-week vacation....hence the "quiet" moments....

  6. Kar Yong,
    OK, I have to rephrase - "Kar Yong's blog had been pretty quiet ..." because I think I heard in the airwaves faint endless chattering and laughing of some lecturer I know :) :)