Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sweet sound of silence

I am enjoying facilitating the training session this round. I am surprised myself. The venue is excellent and conducive, the food is great by hotel and conference standard, the rooms are exceptionally comfortable and most of all, the trainees this time are a good group. Compared to previous sessions in the past few years, there is more synergy, more teamwork and there is this nicest sound to the ear, much, much more laughter.

While on a business trip, if I have the room all to myself, I have this thing about not switching on the television. I suppose after all the noise and chatter and talking and discussion, I want to enjoy the sweet sound of silence. I would have a nice hot shower, make a good cup of coffee, then another good cup of coffee, read a book, read the bible and go to sleep.

Now isn't that nice?

Photo © 2006 Pearlie Ng


  1. Sounds and looks very lovely and nice. Enjoy!

  2. I love the sweet sound of silence too.

  3. Sometimes I think that He sends us on "business" trips like these to get us rested so that we can be about His "business".. I love it when He does that!

  4. :) not really KB - I was working from 8am to 8-9pm every day for 4 days consecutively and the final night until 11pm. So the silence was truly golden.