Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Walls of Jericho

I am rarely more than 2 days late in my daily postings and so I thought I'd at least put in a short post here. (I will be in Melaka from Monday to facilitate a training for work that will last for 4 days.)

Pastor Chris spoke to us from the famous Jericho walls passage and while he was preaching on the walls that we have in our lives that we need to face, my thoughts fell more on the exegetical issues in this passage. The walls were only mentioned at the beginning and the end of the passage and almost the exact same words in the English translation. What does that tell us?

What I say about the passage is that, whatever it is we face, it is God who works. We only worship and obey.



  1. Is that also what your Pastor said?

  2. Julia,
    Pastor Chris' message concentrate on recognising and being aware of the walls, as we sometimes either overlook it or aren't aware of it; but the message that God is at work is also there.