Friday, February 08, 2008

Bibles Confiscated

I talked about needing prayers for the sick yesterday - there is another urgent need for prayers, also for the ailing: our country. Kar Yong has it posted in his blog. Take a read, it is important that we know and do something about it:

Bibles Confiscated
Bibles Confiscated - Update



  1. Thanks for making me aware of this, Pearlie. We are in a REAL Spiritual battle and we must be serious about praying for all fronts and fights.

  2. Monday February 4, 2008
    MYT 7:34:12 PM

    Seized Bibles returned

    PUTRAJAYA: Copies of the Bible taken from a woman at the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal recently has been returned to her, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said.

    He said the English Bibles were confiscated by a Customs officer from the woman who had just returned from a visit to Manila . It did not involve the ministry.

    "The Customs officer has no authority to do so and on being told of the matter, we asked the Bibles to be returned immediately to the person,'' he said, adding that no Immigration officer was involved.

    Fu said the incident should not have taken place, adding that he had clarified the matter with the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM).

    He said the address of the woman was taken down but no telephone number was recorded and as a result, the ministry had to wait for her to call to collect the books.

    He was responding to a statement by CCM secretary-general Rev Dr Hermen Shastri that a Malaysian Christian had her Bibles taken away by Customs at the airport.

    Shastri said the unilateral actions of certain government agencies were undermining the Government’s stated claims of protecting religious freedom in the country.

    Last month, Fu ordered Christian children’s books with drawings of prophets to be returned to a bookshop in Kuala Lumpur after the books were seized by a unit in the ministry.