Friday, February 15, 2008

Interpreting the OT, Poetic Books - Day 1

I have signed up for Interpreting the Old Testament on the Poetic Books, lectured by Reb. Class started this evening. I was pretty stoned for the day, which I think is attributed to my lack of sleep in the past few days.

We covered the introduction to the Psalms for about 2 hours, on the origin of its name, its placing in the Canon, its intention, the various types of psalms, dating of the psalms, the three periods of psalmody, etc. What striked me was the reminder that there is definitely a psalm for almost every situation in life. I had been very dependent on the Psalms back in 2006 but not so in 2007, when my attention was diverted by other requirements, mainly in the NT. To the Psalms I must now return, to the Psalms I gladly now return.

On a different note, this week turned out to be quite a weird one - first I met a person so odd and so weird yesterday that I wanted to scream had I spent another moment in his presence (hence, the Thousand Words picture yesterday) and then I received a call today from a sewing shop telling me that I had left a brown shirt uncollected since 3rd February 2007, which is almost impossible because it just didn't happen.

I told the lady, “I am sorry but I am quite sure it is not possible because I am not a person who alters clothes – I buy what fits and give or store away what no longer fits.”

“It has to be you or I will not have your name and number.”

“True but what did you say my name was again?”


“No, my name is Pearlie. ‘I’ would have written it for you when ‘I’ was at your place, right?”


“Then it is more probable that I write my number wrongly and not my name.”

“But it has to be you, could you please come in and take a look.”

“What kind of alteration was it there for?”

“You wanted the sleeves done and pleats in the front because it was too loose. So, you'll come?”

“I will but only because I am really curious now.”

It is just too weird.



  1. I can't see you needing to scream in the face of an odd person.

  2. I had to listen to him talk for more than one hour and he wasn't that interesting.