Saturday, February 16, 2008

Interpreting the OT, Poetic Books - Day 2

I was not able to sleep enough last night - I am so deep now into my sleep debt. SH was up at 5.30am to get ready for Saturday dawn prayer meeting at church (I have to give him respect these days for he has been so disciplined lately to attend prayer meeting so early every Saturday morning in church - my hats off to him). I was not in a very deep sleep and woke up as well. "Oh no, I am going to have a difficult day today," and true enough: lecture was from 9am to 6pm and I zombied through the entire lecture. All I could programme myself to do was to keep typing what I see on the lecture slides and what Reb was saying. Other than that I was pretty much inebriated.

We only managed to cover the Psalm titles today and to me that was quite enough! Even though it was quite a dread to go through all the miktams and mizmors, the shiggayons and shoshannims, it was nevertheless very new and intriguing to me. It is good to now know a bit more what those psalm titles are, what they possibly mean and what I could do with them.

We did an exegesis on Psalm 117, the shortest psalm in the bible. I never thought much of it before but now, I am really impressed by it: it holds so much with just five lines - just amazing. How sweet and powerful is the Word of God.

I better get some quality sleep now. I will blog about Psalm 117 another day. There's church service tomorrow, after which I will be heading off for another 4 hours of lecture. I do not want to zombie through it again, so God help me to sleep well tonight. Amen.



  1. Hoping that this post finds you better rested Pearlie. Reading these last few posts of yours reminds me of what an excellent person you are.. pushing through the lck of sleep and hanging in there.. zombying your way through class :)

  2. Hi KB,
    You speak too highly of me! But thanks for your kind words :) I do my best to learn and I thank God that I still can.

    God bless!