A lot, a lot

Monday, February 25, 2008

I was busy today
Working on the John assignments
A lot to figure out
A lot to think about

I sought my friend's thoughts
He is good in getting me on the right track
A lot to hash out
A lot to talk about

I looked closely at John
The Gospel is simply astounding and awe-inspiring
A lot to work out
A lot to mull about

I saw again a chiasm
Something I keep seeing in the Scriptures
A lot to puzzle out
A lot to thresh about

I sought a teacher's opinion
But he isn't much of a fan of this literary form
So how now?
O brown cow?

All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng
Photo © 2007 Wendy Domeni

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6 comment(s)

  1. in terry pratchett's THUD, sam vimes to vimes jr, 'where's my cow?' is that my cow?...

  2. But would that cow
    Show me how
    Ruminate your chow
    And tell me now
    O brown cow

    I think I have gone mad.

  3. Where is my cow?
    Is that my cow?
    It goes 'meow, meow'
    No, it is not my cow
    My cow goes 'moo, moo'

  4. I never meowed
    I am no cat
    You heard me wrong
    See me now scowled
    I'll say out flat
    We'll never get along

    (this feels like a peraduan berpantun Cina - yunno like those magistrates! haha)

  5. Alex, this has definitely has become my favouritest cow mugshot ... moooo..