Monday, February 25, 2008

A lot, a lot

I was busy today
Working on the John assignments
A lot to figure out
A lot to think about

I sought my friend's thoughts
He is good in getting me on the right track
A lot to hash out
A lot to talk about

I looked closely at John
The Gospel is simply astounding and awe-inspiring
A lot to work out
A lot to mull about

I saw again a chiasm
Something I keep seeing in the Scriptures
A lot to puzzle out
A lot to thresh about

I sought a teacher's opinion
But he isn't much of a fan of this literary form
So how now?
O brown cow?

All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng
Photo © 2007 Wendy Domeni


  1. in terry pratchett's THUD, sam vimes to vimes jr, 'where's my cow?' is that my cow?...

  2. But would that cow
    Show me how
    Ruminate your chow
    And tell me now
    O brown cow

    I think I have gone mad.

  3. Where is my cow?
    Is that my cow?
    It goes 'meow, meow'
    No, it is not my cow
    My cow goes 'moo, moo'

  4. I never meowed
    I am no cat
    You heard me wrong
    See me now scowled
    I'll say out flat
    We'll never get along

    (this feels like a peraduan berpantun Cina - yunno like those magistrates! haha)

  5. Alex, this has definitely has become my favouritest cow mugshot ... moooo..