Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rancangan Tergendala Sebentar*

I am totally washed out today: had the worst migraine in years. I don't remember having it this bad. I tried sleeping it off, praying it off, moaning it off and screaming it off - didn't work. It got worse and worse. I did not want to move, lest make my way to the clinic - bad idea. By the time I got SH to drive me there, I threw up outside the clinic, got back with medication and threw up again. All this with a dread thinking about the slide presentation I have not started on for the worship in church I am to lead tomorrow. I will have to wake up really early next morning to do it, and pray God I will be much better to lead in worship.

(posted for 2/2 on 3/2)

*a Malay phrase meaning "programme is temporarily disrupted", something the middle-aged generation in Malaysia would be very familiar with, as we had this notice quite often halfway through television programmes back in the 1980s.