Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Reunion Dinner

I was again at work almost the whole day even though I got the privilege to work from home today - I was at my desk from 8am to 5pm, non-stop. Then we were off for our reunion dinner back to my in-law's - the usual yearly fare but this year we actually finished all the food! My brother-in-law and family was back from Hong Kong, 3 kids in tow and so there were more mouths to fill. He was in Hong Kong studying theology for 3 years and now he is pastoring a Lutheran church. He has done well.

I happen to come across Petronas's Chinese New Year greetings/ad. Click on the picture above and watch the video.



  1. That video is a tear jerker. Have fun with your family!

  2. Hi Julia,
    It certainly is. And the boy is too adorable for words!
    And we are having fun! The Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. I will be back to work on Wed.