Monday, February 04, 2008

Think harder

I promised myself that I will complete the two Gospel of John assignments before signing up for the next module coming up this month: Interpreting the Old Testament (The Psalms) but I failed miserably. There is still so much to read up and to do before I can even attempt to tackle the questions. Moreover, the theological question bewilders me. I am required to: discuss the background and meaning of Logos in the prologue of the Gospel of John and discuss how the Logos contributes to John’s Christology. I have read countless articles on the much discussed topic but still could not pin down anything to help me formulate a framework to the paper. I would have to think harder. Think, think, think!




    try this link to see resources on john. maybe atla will help.

  2. The Johannine Origins of the Johannine Logos
    Ed. L. Miller
    Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 112, No. 3 (Autumn, 1993), pp. 445-457

    Logos and Shekinah in the Fourth Gospel
    R. D. Middleton
    The Jewish Quarterly Review, New Ser., Vol. 29, No. 2 (Oct., 1938), pp. 101-133

    The Structure and Scope of the Prologue to the Gospel of John
    Herman Ridderbos
    Novum Testamentum, Vol. 8, Fasc. 2/4 (Apr. - Oct., 1966), pp. 180-201

  3. Thanks Reb. I have already downloaded and read Miller. I will get the other two now.

    One question: along with Middleton (1938) I also have several articles published in the 1940s. What's your take on such old articles? What should we look out for especially with more current and new discussion or discoveries?

  4. check out and also You should be able to pick up some stuff there.

  5. wow, after all those references and pointers you have been given, what can I say?

    That John stole the logos from the Greeks? Aww...Have a nice day :)

  6. hi. there is no end in reading... i suggest u start writing. Perhaps this can help u: what is the meaning of logos to the greeks, jews at that time, and to John, who is this logos, the nature, the character, the source....according to the prologue.

  7. thanks, pearlie, for your posts. I am learning a lot of theology from you.

  8. Wow, thanks guys. That's a lot of help.

    That's true, Woon. I did start writing. Just a bit but I was not happy with the direction it went. But you are right and that is what I usually do. Anyway, I can only think while writing :) which is why the blog fits my bill perfectly!