Tuesday, February 05, 2008


These pre-Chinese New Year days are the busiest and most occupied ones I have ever encountered at work. There is so, so much to do and so, so many deadlines to meet but I thank the Lord, all is well. I had to attend a meeting on my own at the last minute because my other team member suffered a death in the family and had to go on emergency leave.

Much to my delight the meeting went beyond my expectations and I have God to thank - I was uttering prayer after prayer for his deliverance when I found out that I am on my own.

Other than work, I did not have much time left for other stuff though I did do a bit of thinking on the logos assignment this morning. I might have something to work on after some thought.

One last thing as a record for the day, I received a missed registered mail notice a few days ago. I really hate it when that happens. Not the sender's fault but I try my best to provide my office address for all correspondences because we are never home during office hours, let alone be present to pick up registered mail or despatch deliveries. SH went to the post office today to pick that mail I missed - God bless him! - and guess what? I finally got my Exegesis of Romans results! It was quite long overdue - I took it in 2006 as a guided study module.

Anyway, since I have been sort of chided for talking about my results so openly (with all the hint-hint's and hint-hint's) I am keeping quiet this time.



  1. Hii Pearlie
    How r u doing.
    You have a son or a daughter?
    I wasnt too sure of that :)

    We too have this problem of missed couriers. We work Monday to Friday.. and some couriers do come home.. and then they leave a message and then we call up and follo up and so on.

  2. Woohoo? means you must have done well!

  3. Woohoo....that means an A, right!

    OK, I got your hint hint - I have yet to return your papers....Haha.

  4. Hi Anooja!
    I am doing well ... thanks.
    We have a 10-yr old son - Calvin.
    Yeah ... that is what I hate about mail these days - but I remember I used to wait for the postman when I was younger :)