Thursday, February 28, 2008

Word trouble

As much as I am of Chinese descent, I grew up reading and writing, thinking and dreaming in English. (I would admit without any qualms that I am a Banana Chinese - that is, outside yellow but inside white.) But, there are these 2 sets of verb-noun word groups that totally irk me: they are respond/response and prove/proof - I always have to think a little harder than usual to figure out which is which, i.e. which is the noun and which is the verb. If I do not think about it, more often than not, I will use the wrong one. And that irritates me.



  1. Pearlie,
    So what is google read!? That is basically what my comment said that I erased by accident haha. Is it like bloglines? I have a friend that uses bloglines and likes it. Then I don't have to keep adding people to my 'favorites' which would be a great thing -- it's way too full and takes so much time to download every page!

    Anyway! I will check out googleread!

    and --- as far as this post - *I* am American - and *I* have problems with lots of words too! :)

    have a great night!

  2. Pearlie - The important thing is _ I always know what you mean!

  3. I hope you know what _ means.

  4. Randi,
    Do check GoogleReader out - I have not used Bloglines before so I can't compare but GoogleReader kind of collects all subscribed posts into something like an inbox - so it is akin to reading emails.

  5. "Banana Chinese" that is a new addition to my vocabulary :)

    I like Bloglines better than Google Reader ... but I haven't checked GR for a few months.

  6. KB,
    Is bloglines better because of preference or functions?

  7. Function-wise I think that Bloglines does everything that GR does but it also manages my selective (not all subscriptions are in my) blogroll. Let me know which tou like better Pearlie.. I think I'd permanantly switch if GR did my blogroll.

  8. KB,
    I have not tried it out yet - I will do that ... soon ... I hope ... :)