Monday, March 03, 2008


The brevity of yesterday's and today's posts speaks a lot about me. I am extremely fatigued today and what more, I did something yesterday I almost never do in my entire life, I fell asleep in front of my son in the afternoon, while guiding him through his school work in revision for his exams this week. I am that tired. Please pray for me.



  1. Take care of yourself, Pearlie. What if you feel asleep while driving!!!!!

  2. La-la-lu... (just a little lullaby, hehe.)

    If I had fallen asleep with my son like that, I am afraid of what he would have done to me for amusement. ;)

    I pray that you not only GET rest, but that you feel refreshed.

    And thank you for your encouragement back at my place. :)

  3. Take it easy for awhile, Pearlie! Enough of the kiasu already :)

  4. Thanks Susan, yeah ... I have to be careful when I drive. I was mindful all the time when I am driving but I have had some rest since then and feeling better already.

  5. Missy, don't be naughty :) maybe that is why you would have had your face in multi-colour had you slept with your son like that.

    Thanks for your prayer. I am feeling much better =)