Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Heart of Worship

Today sermon was on worship taken from Luke 7:36-50 by Pastor Chris with the message to come back to the heart of worship. He shared about Matt Redman’s story, which you can read about it here.



  1. “Before long, we reintroduced the musicians and sound system, as we’d gained a new perspective that worship is all about Jesus, and He commands a response in the depths of our souls no matter what the circumstance and setting. ‘The Heart of Worship’ simply describes what occurred.”

    This statement is sad and disturbing -- worship is about Jesus who commands. This completely misses the point that worship is where Jesus is present among us in His Word and sacraments bestowing upon us the forgiveness of sins earned for us on the Cross. The heart, having repented of its sin, acknowledges the mercy of God and responds in worship and good works. Yet the response is not legislated by Jesus -- it is the result.

    Whenever we talk of what we are *supposed* to do or what we are *supposed* to bring to worship, we put the focus on ourselves instead of God and his gifts. We are certainly commanded to honor the Lord's Day, but honoring preaching and His Word, holding is sacred, gladly hearing it and learning it, should never be confused with what worship is, otherwise we make worship another Law instead of the vehicle of God's grace and mercy as He intends it to be.


    Scot K

  2. Thanks for the link to Redman's story. I read it and passed it on to our church staff.. we are currently looking to hire a worship pastor.

  3. Hi Scot,
    Good point there. But can't it be taken from both ends? Like there are a lot of emphatic psalms that is really a command to come and praise Him. And it is a command we should be glad and happy to adhere to.

    Whenever we talk of what we are *supposed* to do or what we are *supposed* to bring to worship
    I think that is exactly what the author of the song is trying to avoid - with the message that he is coming back to the heart of worship. But then again, this song is still a very "I" song.