Friday, February 29, 2008

Hermeneutics Quiz

Alex posted a link to a hermeneutics quiz by Scot McKnight that is suppose to show "your biblical blind spots and what you tend not to see." I find some of the questions almost unanswerable - I don't seem to fall into any of them. But, basically I am considered a moderate with a score of 62. In summary:
  • Seen as the voice of reason and open-mindedness
  • Conservative on some issues and progressive on others
  • Have a flexible hermeneutic that gives them the freedom to pick and choose on which issues they will be progressive or conservative.
  • More open to the charge of inconsistency
  • Take on struggles to render judgments on hermeneutical issues
The other moderates are Alex at 61, BK at 57 and Reb at 65.

Kar Yong is progressive at 72. Hmm ...
In summary, progressives are:
  • Not always progressive
  • Tends to see the Bible as historically shaped and culturally conditioned, and yet most still consider it the Word of God for today
  • One must interpret what the Bible said in its day and discern its pattern for revelation in order to apply it to our world
  • Takes on the challenge to examine what the Bible said in its day
  • Tend to be historians
  • Problems for the progressives are predictable: Will the Bible's so-called "plain meaning" be given its due and authoritative force to challenge our world? Or will the Bible be swallowed by a quest to find modern analogies that sometimes minimize what the text clearly says?

What about you?



  1. I scored 66 although I wasn't sure about a few of the questions.

  2. Hi Pearlie,

    I scored a 47, i.e., "conservative." but some of the questions didn't give me good options, e.g., the Sabbath question.


  3. Julia, looks like you are more progressive than I am but I am still ahead of you in time! lol

  4. Les, I agree - sometimes it is neither here nor there.

  5. I like the fact that "progressive is not always pregressive". I might be moderate or conservative after all....

  6. Here is mine, Pearlie. 36 Conservative.

  7. Pearlie, I scored a 67. Interesting quiz.

  8. Kar Yong,
    You kiasu or what? Want everything one!