Friday, March 14, 2008

Justification in the Pauline Corpus: Day 7

We had the final installment of classes on Justification today.

I was a bit disappointed - firstly, I missed the first hour of class because I also have choir practice, about the same time, same day. I did not want to miss practice because for one, Easter is so near and we are not ready and two, more importantly, a choir is a unifying body: merely one member missing is like one part of your body missing. So I decided to turn up half for each - I am not sure if that is a good idea though.

The second thing was that in all the hum of activity lately I forgot to bring my Pillar commentary on Ephesians written by Dr O'Brien for his autograph! How could I?

But I got a picture though, albeit not very good in quality.

For what I got out of attending the second half of class is however, quite important. Dr O'Brien talked quite a bit about justification in our living and preaching. One very important question to ask is after all we have learnt and will learn about justification, grace, righteousness of God in our assignments: would it make a difference in our lives? Would we preach and teach it? How different would we be one year from now?



  1. Fun to see a live picture of you Pearlie. Pearlie in action on Day 7! :)

  2. Good I am still alive! The toughest course ever.