Monday, March 10, 2008


I was just telling a few people today that I wished I were omnipresent! But what a havoc it would be if God designed us that way. For the fun of it, what do you think would be the worst disaster if we were all omnipresent?



  1. hmm ... but if we are all omnipresent won't that be equivalent to being present "present" now but of a wider scale? ... i hope i'm making sense. i guess it would make things more complicated. or giddy-ish. the worst disaster, IMO is chaos if all are omnipresent. I can't define that chaos but it would be of significant magnitude since we have that omni-ness added to the present being of present.

  2. hmmm...not a bad idea....

    I could be teaching in STM, Kuching, and working in Church at the same time...and yet taking a well-deserved sabbath by the beach? All in one?

    Opps....sorry - talking nonsense again

  3. Alex,
    Now, that's a scary thought! And we'd be in each other's thought too? Like Betazoids? Or Borg?

  4. Melissa,
    haha ... I have utterly no idea what you are saying - I am not so smart! and most probably if we were ominpresent, we'd be utterly confused!

  5. Kar Yong,
    Yeah ... not a bad idea at all except that we'd need triple or quadruple the energy we have now!

    hehe ... there must be time allocated for nonsense also.