Saturday, March 29, 2008

So many good things!

I had such a full day today it may be true that I have enough content for the next one month. Alright, I am exaggerating but it was.

I collected a big box of books from Kar Yong. I had breakfast with him and engaged in bible talk. He agreed to take up a biblical session in my church. I attended a workshop on "Writing Effective Testimonies" by Angela Little. I met Melissa - my first blogger friend meeting. I wrote my first paragraph of a real testimony as a ghostwriter. I met Fung Bo Bo who also attended the workshop. I also met Rosalyn, an ex-colleague. I bought Tony Anthony and Angela Little's Taming the Tiger. I bought Janet Ng's Harvest of Love about her son, Colin. I had a nice chatty dinner with Melissa. I came home and finished reading Harvest of Love. It gripped my heart.

I will write about these in days to come.

At home, I spent some time with Calvin and at bedtime, I read to him Exodus 30 & 31. He was as usual full of questions and this time after reading Exo 30:10 "Aaron shall make atonement on its horns once a year; he shall make atonement on it with the blood of the sin offering of atonement once a year throughout your generations. It is most holy to the LORD," he asked me, "what is atonement?"

I was very tired and I actually ignored his question, and continued reading - shame on me.

"You did not answer my question," he demanded.

I smiled. I relented. "An atonement is when something is put to death in place of us. God has set it as a law that all Israelites, who sinned against God, who in His holiness must die, should take a lamb to be sacrificed in their place, so that God will not be angry anymore. Do you know who the Lamb of God is?"

"The person who offers the lamb?"

"No, the Lamb of God is Jesus himself who became the lamb that died in our place. He did it once and for all, as an atonement for us. Do you then think that you can sin more because Jesus has taken your punishment anyway?"


"Good, and do you have to kill anymore lambs?"



"So I can have lamb chops."

With that, my son went into fits of laughter. You could have seen my face. I put on a mock smirk but found that so hilarious I burst out laughing as well - lamb chops! I had a really good day.



  1. Wah! How come Kar Yong give you books? I wanna books too. Wah!!!!

  2. Kar Yong gave me books? I bought them lar ... through STM and he was kind enough to bring them all the way up from Seremban so I could pick them up oni :) Think about it - would Kar Yong give away books? haha

  3. Will Kar Yong give away books? Why not? Kar Yong will only give away his books when the Lord calls him home. That reminds him that he need to include that in his will.....

  4. leave his books to Alex :)

  5. aiyah ... you beat me to it and at my own blog too. Kenot - we share 50-50!

  6. Objection....someone else is writing my will for me!