Apocalyptically Speaking

Something priceless and amusing inadvertently happened to me yesterday. Something that inspired me to write this true-to-life apocalyptic piece:

There was a man with a head and an arm and they walked towards a mammoth monstrosity of an edifice that in recent time and a time has emerged offensive and avoided by most. The head and the arm had no eyes, and they wandered aimlessly in the labyrinth, not knowing what to do and where to go. There emerging from a burrow a minion, who gave the eyes that gave the way. The head and the arm was soon found in a huge cavity, and there they waited, and waited, and waited. They waited for the little puppet. More eyes emerged on the arm and it sees that the man and the arm are in the Fourth Floor of the monstrosity of an edifice. It wondered about the beelzebub, whose name comes up to 11 and 10. The wait was a time and a half, the little puppet spoke for a half. The head bemoans the unfair exchange, and called it a waste of time but for one fair thing, the head and arm have seen the fourth.
Don't bother if you don't understand a single thing you read here! It is not important, I just had good fun writing it. In a sense, maybe I had a wee bit of a taste of John's experience when he wrote Revelations. Forget my so-called apocalypse writing, go study John's instead.



  1. You seriously need to hire yourself an editor ... hehehehe!!

  2. And you need a lawyer too ... hehehehe!!

  3. Wah ... really that bad ah? hahaha ... an apocalyptic editor will die of stress! Do I really need a lawyer? I wrote something this morning, and now you've scared me :(

  4. well, as long as you don't teach anyone how to interpret your apocalyptic works or do word study or historical background study etc ... i think you can do without a lawyer :P but anyway, don't worry too much since in the first place you don't have an editor, not many can decipher the message. hehe

  5. No need to teach for one to interpret - if you know it, you know it, if you don't, it's not important ;)
    (for this lar ... john's one different story)

    anyway, the one i wrote this morning was not apocalypse but analogy - so it is more open ;) wanna be my editor for that one?

  6. hahahaha... sounds more like Pan's Labyrinth to me!

  7. eh, just what have you been eating, pearlie?

  8. Sze Zeng,
    Never heard of Pan's Labyrinth - just wikied it - looks like I have been in the movie scene (pun unintended :) for awhile.

  9. Sze Zeng,
    What I mean is ... looks like I have notbeen in the movie scene

  10. sounds more like Pan's Labyrinth to me!

    I thought exactly the same thing!

  11. This means I will have to watch the movie - is it worth spending the money to go get a copy from the store?

  12. pearlie,
    I watched a bit and it looks interesting.

    When I read what you wrote I thought that you were just trying to make the point that we should read something. Was I missing the mark?

    I enjoy reading Revelation, some of it has yet to be revealed to me but I still like to read it. I think my son and I will tackle it soon.

  13. Milly,
    I read on further in wiki and it does sound good - I will look out for it in the store and see if I could get hold of a copy.

    Thanks for trying to interpret but I am sorry to say that it is not about reading :)

    I was listening to Carson's exposition on Revelation over his 7 sessions and it was helpful to understand some basics of Revelations and apocalypse. If you are interested you can check them out here. There are loads of good stuff there too.

  14. Pearlie, Thanks for leaving me the comment on the Oprah U-tube. Yes, we must pray for her and those she is leading astray. Just think of the following she has and the influence she wields!!!!

    I'm not "deep" enough to understand your Apocalypical writing today but I do love Revelation!!!!!

  15. Pretty impressive blogs you have here. And quite a number of visitors chking it out. Who are they? locals or foreigners? Keep up the good works. Send my regards to JM as I still owe him a roti cheese canai. Cheers.

  16. Thought I'd let you guys know I finally watched Pan's Labyrinth and just blogged about it ;) such a cool movie.


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