Sunday, April 27, 2008

Biblical Study vs. Theology

I know I have stated somehow or rather sometime ago somewhere in this blog that I am more inclined to Biblical Studies rather than Theology. Biblical Studies somehow seem more tangible compared to Theology. Theology to me, feels like clouds up the sky that I am just not able to grasp, or solidify into more concrete and orderly thoughts.

John Assignments
What happened today was case in point. By now, you would have already heard me droning on and on about my current struggle with my Christological paper on Logos. As I got myself seated at my desk late last night, with a mind set to do some work on my assignments, I panicked a little when I found out that I have almost nothing penned down for my exegesis paper. I collected my thoughts, calmed myself down, and reassured myself that I have been working on the passage mentally for quite awhile now. With that I began writing. I did about 4 hours of work last night, and another 5 this afternoon after church. With just 9 hours, I am about 98% done.

For the paper on Logos on the other hand, I could not begin to count how many hours of writing and rewriting have I been doing, and I am only 50% or less done. At this juncture, everytime I think about it, I do not have the mood to get on it and complete it. I just do not see or feel it going anywhere. But complete it I must, by end of this month. Get on it! God help me.

Psalm Assignments
After John, I have about 2 months to work on my two assignments on The Psalm. I have somewhat finalised my decision on these two: (1) an exegesis on Psalm 19 and (2) the shape and structure of the entire Psalter. Reb has already warned that the question on the structure of The Psalm is a toughie and only the daring ones will attempt it. I do not think I am daring. I just have this predilection for biblical structure. Or am I just stupid, idealistic and naïve? Stupid maybe not, but idealistic and naïve, highly likely.

Justification Assignments
I have attended the module on Justification in the Pauline Corpus recently, which resulted in a temptation to convert it from credit to audit. I was quite blown away in class and had never felt so lost in a class (not since I finished tertiary education hundreds of years ago). There is thankfully (or not), only one assignment to be completed. I have not decided which I will be attempting, if I do decide to attempt it.

Bible Study on John
On top of all those assignments and assignments, our Friday bible study group in church has already completed the Masterlife series last week. The small team on learning that I am working on my John assignments, wanted me to lead in a study on the Gospel of John. I have agreed and now I have only five days to work out an introduction session for this Friday. I am excited but it will not be easy. I thank God though for the opportunity to teach His word. God help me.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Biblical Studies somehow seem more tangible compared to Theology. Theology to me, feels like clouds up the sky that I am just not able to grasp, or solidify into more concrete and orderly thoughts.

    I have studied for both with degrees and I think I can relate to your point somewhat. Biblical Studies may be favoured by a more technically minded person with linguistics and background studies, whereas a person in Theology may be more into philosophical studies. With dissertation only degrees one has to be able to both types of work, but I favour the theological and philosophical within a Biblical world-view. Studying Scripture in context is of course essential in developing proper theology.

    I am working on a Theology/Philosophy PhD and comment on several blogs and I am always looking for new blog readers, commenters, and links.



    satire and theology

  2. Hi Russ,
    I suppose you are right in saying that I am more technically minded – with linguistics and history being my current favourite subjects (though I have lost out a lot since I failed to pick them up when I was actually still a full-time student!) And I agree one would need to have both – biblical studies cannot do without a strong theological foundation and theology would go nowhere without strong biblical support - so it looks like I would have to find some way to get into it somehow. By the way, I had quite a profitable session this morning during my usual breakfast-cum-thinking time. I have sort of worked something out for my Logos paper and I hope I will be able to complete it tomorrow (or not!) haha

    And hey, thanks for dropping by the "gates". I too, am always on the lookout for good blogs and commenters. It will be to my profit to check you out often to kick some philosophical sense into my brain somewhat! ;) God bless!

  3. I am sorry Pearlie. I saw the name Kevin by the silly of me.:) I even got the sex wrong! That is one of the dangers of scanning when I have so much to read. All the best with your paper.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on thekingpin68 blog and I will reply to you there. I would like to exchange links between this blog and thekingpin68, if that is okay please let me know. I reason that most of us are not Christian celebrities and therefore need to network and link with other blogs to build up readers.


  4. Don't worry about it Russ :) I scan read too.

  5. I just added you to thekingpin68 blogroll.:)