Monday, April 07, 2008

Book Review: Taming the Tiger
and How about My Testimony

Tony Anthony (with Angela Little), Taming the Tiger, 2007

It feels good to finish another book, though it was not a hard read at all. I did it in two sittings. I could have done it in one if not for the fact that I started too late into the night at the first and had to force myself to turn in because I was exhausted by the time I come to the second chapter. The book has a quick pace about it and it nudges you on to get onto reading what next. I only had one problem with it. I find gaps in certain junctures. I find the writer jumping too often in and out of detailed events and summations within chapters.

I will not call this a problem, but the other thing I had with the book is that it is almost unbelievable – I have some problems believing the authenticity of the book. Maybe I have read one too many online review of the book and this has thus shaded my perception of it. I will find time to run some information check to the events and places mentioned in the book. Sound reminiscent of what we do with the bible, doesn’t it?

But all in all, it is a good book. I remember tearing up twice: once when he found Jesus while in prison and another when he brought one of his cellmates to Christ. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that he talked about Christians who were “there from the beginning”, that is, those who were be born in the faith. He is telling my story there – the way I struggled to be assured of my salvation, the way I felt being left out of an emotional and awesome experience of conversion.

I remember coming to deal with myself in a bookstore – yes, it had to be in a bookstore! I was with Noel, a very dear brother in the Lord, in SUFES, and I was talking about my faith journey and as I went along, God confirmed it in my heart that I do not need to have the moment of conversion, so to speak. I do not need to have said the Sinner’s Prayer. Oh, how many times have I uttered it just to be sure, and every time in expectation of that unforthcoming conversion experience. God had confirmed it in my heart that I have gradually grown in my belief, and it is no less a conversion, albeit gradually.

I may not have had a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular and esoteric experience of a conversion, but I am exceptionally blessed to have a lifelong journey and experience of being in his presence, being in the embrace of the Almighty. Yes, there were ups and downs, there were times when I shunned him, but I knew ultimately I could not do without him. I returned to his embrace. Oh dear, I am tearing up now. I am so thankful and grateful for what the Lord has done and I praise and glorify him. I pray I will be faithful to him all the days of my life, and beyond.

So, whether or not it is a blessing or curse depends on our spiritual journey. If you were born into the faith, I pray that you have found or will come to find the journey a blessing.



  1. I read it like a movie scene ... and maybe that's why I don't quite see the "gaps". Movies are always like that. Flashbacks. Anyway, there were many times (before) I wished I am a Christian "at the beginning" so that I can grow up doing what normal Christian children, then teens, then youths do ... but now, I realized that what matters is the day I walk with God today and tomorrow. At least, what I thought I have missed, I make best today. It's funny, huh?

  2. I suppose our history do matter - and God use the differences between us for his purposes.