Friday, April 25, 2008

The Chronicles of a Maddening Day

The Plan that Went Haywire
I had my day planned out - but it sort of went haywire. It did not go the way I wanted it to go. I took unplanned routes and found myself doing what I should not be doing.

It was maddening.

The Son that Went Daydreaming
There is no doubt that Calvin does prove himself to be quite smart at times - but sometimes too much for his own good. I think he gets so bored in school, he daydreamed the days away. I had to give him another lecture and how he now have to pay for the time spent daydreaming in class. He now needs to get down to study in depth the lessons he daydreamed away.

It was maddening.

The Day that Went Wrongly
Mages and I had a client meeting today and it went well. But towards the end, he kept receiving calls and messages on his mobile. Being a gentleman about it, he thought he'd handle them later as we were in a meeting. Attended to them after the meeting he did, but it was the worst of the worst news - his elder brother was involved in an accident and it was fatal.

It was maddening.



  1. Praying and can relate to the daydreaming

  2. Woe.. I was not ready for that last one.. hope he is doing well.. praying the comfort of the Spirit for him and his family.

  3. Milly,
    Is it a boy's thing?

    Yes, it is. Things was already bad and then it got worse.

    Sorry it sprang on you. He is ok - but things got from bad to worse. I have not seen him since then.

    Julia, KB,
    Without putting it in much words, there were 3 deaths in the extended family in a span of a little more than a week. The elder brother was the second one. It goes beyond sad - just defies our human mind and spirit to understand and take it all in.

  4. Wow Pearlie.. it sounds like such a (book of) Job experience.. no words to say.. just prayers..