Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Cannot Give the Reasons

I cannot give the reasons,
I only sing the tunes:
the sadness of the seasons
the madness of the moons.

I cannot give the reason,
I am sick and feeling blue:
the day has pulled a fast one
the night is toodle-oo.

I cannot give the reason,
I am bored up to the core:
the strings of life have come undone
the lines of thoughts down to the floor.

I cannot give the reason,
I cannot even think:
the nose is fast a-runnin’
the eyes a 40-wink.

I need not give the reasons,
I give you not the nonse-sense:
I am not the one that is so dense
But hey, where did it go, my horsey-sense?

Poem inspired by Mervyn Peake
First verse by Mervyn Peake
All rights reserved © 2008 Pearlie Ng
Photo © 2008 Sergio Catala

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