Sunday, April 20, 2008

I would fly away and be at rest

Psalm 55:6-7
6 I said, "Oh, that I had wings like a dove!
I would fly away and be at rest.
7 "Behold, I would wander far away,
I would lodge in the wilderness.

Suddenly, I feel very tired. I am quite exhausted. I have now this sudden urge to just go somewhere and be alone and be quiet; with no deadlines, no reports, nothing to prepare, nothing to keep track. And being a mountain person, I feel like a nice drive up to the hills but can I manage a drive up to the winding roads alone and be back on the same day?

I have not tried this before, and I really feel like doing it.



  1. *alang-alang* just stay on the mountain for one night. bring a torchlight, enough food, mosquito repellent, a sleeping bag (a tent maybe) and watch the stars at the top. :) usually, the stars are much clearer higher up. now, that would be good, provided it doesn't rain ...

  2. check out this place:

    You will like it! I am planning to go there in May for a few days - just to do nothing. Unfortunately my schedule does not permit me to participate in one of the weekend retreats.

  3. Kar Yong,
    Wowie ... it is like a dream come true - sounds like the perfect place to be, though I suppose as a pure-bred citygirl, I might not last there for long! haha ... I read the "what is expected" and to find out I can't bring my books? I can't bring my PC? I panicked a bit and wonder if I can survive!

    But since I am already planning to spend Thursday just being alone, I will try it out - just one day.

    I had kinda chickened out of driving alone to Frasers Hill, my favourite local spot, second to Cameron Highlands - because I thought might not be too safe going there alone - well, I am not that adventurous. Not alone anyway.

    I then sms-ed Lee Yng thinking I'll take a nice drive using the trunk road (along with some books and my PC!!) and join you guys for chapel. So if you see me on Thursday (if you are there yourself in STM) then Janda Baik did not quite work out :)

    We'll see.

  4. Thanks Alex, peace to you too :)

  5. Melissa,
    What's "alang-alang"? :)
    Cannot afford to stay one night anywhere - hubby will be overseas and so I am needed to be the driver and the carer for our kid. I can therefore only take the day to myself, after that have to get back to KL to get him to tuition, etc.

    Alone in the night in the mountain? I am not that adventurous lar ... but if with someone else I trust and whom I know is "earth-worthy", I am all for it!

  6. Kar Yong,
    I was attracted to the May 9-11, Journey within through silence and solitude: A beginner's retreat to Ignatian prayer & contemplation, but weekend away from the family isn't a very good idea. I won't have the peace to be alone, I will be guilt-ridden and I will be wishing I am home.

  7. Eh? I thought *alang-alang* is a common word ... it would mean something like; since you're at might as well you do this too ...

    I checked the maranatha link, I think I should arrange one for myself ... hmm, what about one of the first three of the August slots? :P Can't leave work for too long ...

  8. So sad that Maranatha does not in individuals during weekdays, unless it is a group of 20 pax. Sigh....I think I must try to squeeze in a weekend for one of the retreats.

  9. hi guys,

    you do realise that Maranatha is a Jesuit retreat centre, ya?

  10. Hi Alex,
    Yes - it's a Jesuit Centre. I love the Ignatian spiritual exercise!

  11. Kar Yong,
    I think I must try to squeeze in a weekend for one of the retreats
    Yeah, you do that and tell me about it.

  12. Alex,
    Yup, I do know - do you think it will be an issue? I kind of know who the Jesuits are but haven't quite checked them out.

  13. Julia,
    Not yet, it's tomorrow and I have several options in mind but have not the time to sit and decide what I want to do. This Jesuit retreat is a no go because they do not take any other guests other than those who signed up for their retreats.

  14. hi pearlie,

    Yes, I have been on a few of their retreats. The longest was a silent retreat. I also conduct a modified Ignatian retreat for evangelicals.

    Is it an issue? No, if you know what you are getting into.

  15. I see, then I misinterpreted your comment :) I have not experienced it and so I wouldn't know but after viewing the website I think I got the idea, which is why I thought I'd start off with a day trip and check the place out on an individual basis without having to join them on a minimum 3 day retreat. I have an inkling I won't be able to do it for long - it has been TOO long since I can just sit or lie down and do nothing.