Monday, April 14, 2008

The Idol, Season 7, Top 7

The American Idol Season 7 is now down to the Top 7. Many were shocked by the ousting of Michael Johns. Not I. If you think about it, by now almost all of them has gained themselves a unique identity. Each of them are different. Looking back at Idol history, one can actually move up quite a lot without much talent but just by different.

Here's my take on them on their identity:

David Archuleta is The Voice.
Carly Smithson is The Gothic.
Syesha Mercado is The Diva (Wannabe).
Brooke White is The Girl Next Door.
Kristy Lee Cook is The All-American Girl.
Jason Castro is The Dreads.
David Cook is simply The David Cook.

What is Michael Johns? I can only think of one thing about him, The Australian. I have nothing against Australians, but I don't think that scores many points with American Idol.

Foxes on Idols is my favourite catch-up-on-Idol site and you might find this a good read if you are an Idol fan: What ‘American Idol 7’ Contestants Need to Know.

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  1. I predcted Johns would leave last week. I predict Jason will exit this week.. but I reserve the right to change my prediction after I see this week's performance.

  2. I think Syesha might go but it could be Carly too. I like Jason :) but hey I can't even vote! haha